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Why Port St. Lucie Residents Turn to Nozzle Nolen for Squirrels Removal

March 28, 2018

Because we have continually nice weather in Port St. Lucie, wildlife like squirrels can remain active throughout the year, and if you have them in your yard, you know they can put on quite a show. Squirrels will be scampering here and there looking for food, while you enjoy the show, watching as these critters run up and down the trees in your Port St. Lucie backyard. What you aren’t seeing are the squirrels that are climbing up and down your home, in and out, destroying everything in their paths with no discretion.

squirrel near port st. lucie home

As cute as squirrels are, that doesn’t stop them from damaging your home and forcing you to fork out the cash to fix the damages. When squirrels get into your home, they can cause damage adding up to the thousands. Common damage/signs of infestation come in the form of:

  • Gnawed/chewed/removed insulation around wires, pipes, and home (walls, ceiling, etc.)

  • Damaged wiring through chewing, leading to fire hazards and electrical issues

  • Damage to lawns, landscaping, bushes, food garden, etc.

  • Nesting areas requiring extra cleaning due to droppings and health issues stemming from droppings

  • They can cause health concerns through the diseases that they can spread throughout your home

Squirrels are wild animals. They may look cute but they carry diseases that can be spread to both people and pets, such as Leptospirosis and Salmonella, through not only biting but the feces and pests like ticks and fleas that they introduce to our home. DIY options, while they may seem appealing because of their convenience  and affordability, may actually be unsafe to use and can sometimes do more harm than good.

Our technicians will show up on time, and are committed to using pet-friendly products that can give you assurance that your pets will not be harmed during the treatment of your home. Call the wildlife control professionals at Nozzle Nolen for help today! 


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