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Why Port St. Lucie Homes Need Year-Round Carpenter Ant Protection

August 23, 2018

Ants are simply a part of life for the folks living in Port St. Lucie. They are everywhere! In fact, our area is home to large populations of many different species of ants. Some ants are more harmful than others but, arguably, the most harmful species of ant that we find in and around our homes here in Port St. Lucie are those big, shiny black ants called Florida carpenter ants!

carpenter ant

How Carpenter Ants Damage Homes

While you are busy living your day to day life, these ants could be invading your home right under your nose without you noticing! Carpenter ants create their nests inside wood. They prefer to invade moisture-damaged wood but can infest undamaged wood as well. Keeping your home as dry as possible can help you avoid carpenter ant damage. You can accomplish this by making sure your gutters are working properly, fixing any leaky spigots or hoses, and trimming back any vegetation that keeps the wood of your home from drying out after it rains.

Carpenter ants carve out tunnels and galleries inside the wood of homes in order to build their nests, establish their colonies, and create even more carpenter ants. Once a colony is mature, and it outgrows its current location, the queen will produce winged ant swarmers to leave the colony and establish additional colonies inside or outside your home. Carpenter ant damages can go on for months, years, or even decades before the ongoing damage is detected!

Damage Can Become Severe

If you can identify carpenter ant damage early, whether inside or outside your home, it can save you from costly repairs down the road. In addition, partnering with a pest control company can help take care of carpenter ant problem both quickly and effectively. Some things to look for when determining if you have carpenter ants include:

In the low areas outside your home and around window and door frames, look for wood that looks like it has been carved.
Underneath decks, porches or sheds, look for sawdust-like frass which is the tiny shavings of wood that carpenter ants push out of their tunnels. Look for this frass coming out of cracks, holes and other gaps.
Inside your home, you may see a few of these big black ants during the daytime while they are out and about looking for food sources.

If these signs are not seen or are ignored, the damage can become severe over time. While not as costly as termite damage which costs U.S. property owners billions of dollars per year, the cost of carpenter ant damage per year is still in the hundreds of millions! If not dealt with properly, carpenter ant damages can cause a structure to become warped, causing windows and doors to stick and floors, walls, and ceilings to develop bulges or slopes.

Why Year-Round Ant Control Is So Important

While it may seem like ants disappear during the winter, this is definitely not the case with wood-destroying carpenter ants. Though we may not see them, these ants will actively tunnel away inside the wood of the structures they have infested all year long, only slowing down if temperatures inside the walls of your home drop low enough. Contact Nozzle Nolen for more information or to start protecting your equity from these destructive pests!


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