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Why Mice Are One of Port St. Lucie’s Most Destructive Pests

October 24, 2018

If you want to see a whole lot of cuteness, type "pet mouse" into a search engine and look at all the fun images that come up. These little creatures with their curious eyes, rounded ears, pointed snouts, and little pink hands are adorable (in pictures) but, put one of those little suckers on a kitchen floor and it's another experience altogether. For some people, the unexpected appearance of a single mouse is enough to cause cardiac arrest. This alone is enough reason to not want to have mice in our Port St. Lucie homes. But mice also cause other problems. Let's take a look at them.

mouse up close in port st lucie florida

Mouse Damage

When mice get into a home they can do quite a bit of damage. Some of the ways they can do damage may surprise you.

  • Do you have boxes in storage? Mice love storage areas, especially cluttered storage areas. And, when they get into storage locations, they often chew their way into boxes. This is partly due to a mouse's desire to use cardboard shavings for its nest.
  • When a mouse chews into a stored box, it can damage the contents inside the box or cause the contents to spill out and become contaminated.
  • Mice will damage insulation as they navigate through wall voids to get from the top of a home to the bottom, or vise versa. They also damage insulation in attic spaces as they build their nests.
  • Mice prefer to be close to their food source. For this reason, they often chew a hole through walls for easy access. This can damage sheetrock, wood, and other building materials.
  • When mice chew through insulation and building materials, they can sometimes chew through wiring. If they chew through a live wire, it can cause a spark and set a fire inside your walls. We don't have to tell you how destructive that can be.
  • Mice like to hide in furniture, especially furniture in secluded locations. When they do, the holes created are not the only damage done. Mice leave urine everywhere they go and are prone to urinating where they sleep. This urine can soak the infested furniture and completely ruin it.
  • Mice like to hide in appliances, especially in places that have fiberglass insulation. Inside an appliance, they can also chew on wires and spark a fire.
  • Do you like a good book? So do mice. Only, they don't read them, they chew on them.
  • They'll chew on any paper to acquire nest materials. They have even been known to chew on important documents and photos.
  • When mice go looking for food, they can damage food packages in your pantry and kitchen and contaminate the food inside.
  • When mice get into a garage, they can infest a vehicle and chew on upholstered seats and gnaw on tubes in your engine.

Indirect Damage

Mice don't just do direct damage. Their presence in a home can do indirect damage. Mice are a mechanical vector for parasites. If you have a mouse infestation, don't be surprised if you're also dealing with a flea, tick, lice, or mite infestation. A single mouse can have as many as 100 seed ticks on its body. That's a hundred baby ticks that will leave their first host (the mouse) and seek another host (you or your pets) as they enter their eight-legged larval stage. And ticks are linked to a long list of human pathogens, including Lyme disease, ehrlichiosis, Rocky Mountain spotted fever, babesiosis, tularemia, Colorado tick fever tick paralysis, tick-borne encephalitis, spotted fever, STARI, Powassan encephalitis, and more.

Rodent Control

When mice, or other rodents, finds their way into your Port St. Lucie home, call the rodent-control specialists. At Nozzle Nolen, we don't just capture and remove rodents. We offer comprehensive rodent services. You'll get expert trapping services, ongoing monitoring of rodent pressures, a sealing of rodent access points around your home, a sterilization of rodent contamination in accessible areas, and a replacement of contaminated insulation.

Rodents cost between $500 million and $1 billion in property damage and health issues every year. Don't settle for anything less than comprehensive rodent control for your home and your family. Get started here.


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