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Why Lake Worth is Perfect for Termites

May 29, 2018

Termites just love warm damp weather and that’s why Lake Worth is the perfect breeding ground for termite activity in the spring and summer. Not that termites aren’t a year-round problem in South Florida, but the combination of warmth and rain during the spring and summer months contribute to their increased activity. With one in every five homes in South Florida dealing with a termite problem, you want to know how to identify an infestation, learn ways to limit exposure, and be prepared to hire a professional to protect your Lake Worth home.

termites up close near lake worth home

If you actually see winged termites congregating in areas near your home you can almost guarantee there is an infestation inside. Most of the time you aren’t lucky enough to spot them before they’ve already taken up residence in your home. Some other signs to look for are shavings that look like sawdust piles, discarded termite wings, soft noises inside your walls or floor, and buckling of walls, floorboards, joists, or drywall that indicate the colony is so large it’s causing swelling.  

By making your Lake Worth home less attractive to termites you can help limit the chances of getting an infestation. Termites like any kind of wood they can get their teeth on but are also attracted to warm damp areas. Removing any yard debris such as wood piles, decaying sticks, twigs, downed trees, and any old structures like unused rotted sheds is a good step. Also making sure that you have no leaky pipes, that hoses aren’t left running or dripping, and that gutters are clear and draining properly can help reduce moisture. 

There are some DIY sprays and traps on the market that may lead homeowners to believe that they can treat their termite problem on their own, but they are often ineffective. DIY methods may kill some termites, but they won’t get to the root of the problem in preventing them from coming back nor will they kill the entire colony.  

Nozzle Nolen Pest Solutions utilizes a variety of termite control methods to provide the solution to whatever termite problem you have. We will do an inspection and determine what the least invasive and most effective method to prevent and destroy termites will be. We have systems that can protect your home before you have to deal with fixing the damage that is not covered by homeowner’s insurance. Whether you are looking to be proactive in protecting your Lake Worth home or think you already have a termite problem, Nozzle Nolen is your answer.


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