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Why Florida Termites Are Still Active and Spreading

September 4, 2018

Florida is a wonderful place to live comfortably all year-round but unfortunately, termites find the Florida climate quite pleasant as well. They are attracted to the subtropical conditions with hot temperatures and high humidity levels which makes Florida the perfect place for these pests to thrive; not to mention, The Weather Channel is predicting that Florida will see above average seasonal temperatures throughout September and October of this year, which may lead to additional swarming activity. On top of all that, The Weather Channel also stated that the developing El Niño storm may bring excessive humidity to further compound termite and other pest activity and problems that accompany them.

termites up close in florida

Subterranean termites are the most destructive and typically swarm between April through July, but may also swarm at other times of year if the temperatures throughout the fall are unseasonably warm. After swarming and establishing their colonies, these damaging pests will begin relentlessly feeding on the wood both inside and outside homes and structures.
Swarmers are winged termites that emerge from their colonies to find a mate and begin new colonies and are usually the only termites we actually see. They look very similar to flying carpenter ants, but are much smaller and have long white wings that are rounded on the ends. Once a new colony is established, the worker termites will go out in search of cellulose, usually wood, to bring back to their colonies to feed the other members. When there is plentiful wood for these workers to collect and feed to their colonies, the queens will be able to reproduce more rapidly, causing the population to grow exponentially.
Termites are attracted to shady and hidden spots that contain high levels of moisture such as under bushes or thick vegetation. They are also attracted to places where water can pool on, such as areas of hard, packed soil and the moist areas around leaky outdoor spigots. Clogged gutters can overflow, allowing water to run down the side of your home or other structure to the ground below which can attract termites to the ground next to your foundation.
Homeowners in Florida should take precautions against these wood-destroying invaders before they experience a termite infestation as termites are silent destroyers that can cause you thousands of dollars in repairs before you even realize that you have a problem. It’s never too late to get a home inspection to ensure that your property is protected! By doing so, you will be taking steps in the right direction towards termite prevention.
At Nozzle Nolen Pest Solutions, we offer South Florida treatment options for both subterranean and drywood termites. Our services include baiting, detecting, and tenting. These options are eco-friendly and extremely safe. In addition, our termite services are backed by our Nozzle Nolen Guarantee for an entire year, meaning that if termites come back, so do we, and at no additional charge! Give us a call to start protecting your home today!


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