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Why Do I Have So Many House Flies in My Port St. Lucie Home?

May 18, 2018

As we enter May, flies become a prevalent pest in Port St. Lucie homes. Those that were hibernating over winter have emerged and others have been actively laying eggs and reproducing. There is nothing worse than annoying buzzing flies in your home landing on your food or zipping around your bedroom while you are trying to sleep. Fortunately, there are pest control methods that can help you rid your home of the common house fly and let you get back to enjoying a pest free environment.  

house fly in port st. lucie home

Most of us are aware of the locations flies like to hang out and these aren’t typically the cleanest of places. The bacteria that they pick up from feces piles and rotting trash can be transferred to your counters and tables and anywhere else they may land, including on food sources. Humans can become sick from the bacteria that flies transmit. Their life cycle is relatively short, typically only two to four weeks, but the females can lay upwards of 500 eggs in that short time if given the right conditions, such as a warm pile of animal excrement.  

The best thing you can do on your own to prevent flies in your home is to keep your home clean and free of the things that attract flies. Some of these things include animal feces, garbage, pet food, and rotten vegetation. Be sure to clean up pet and animal waste around your yard and immediately dispose of it. Only put out as much pet food as your animals can eat at a time and cover the rest tightly in air-tight containers. Tie up and take out your garbage right away, and keep lids secure on your outside trash bins. Rake up old garden beds, decaying leaves, and dispose of rotten potted plants.  

The experts at Nozzle Nolen can inspect your Port St. Lucie home and will determine the ways that flies are getting in and contaminating your property. When you sign up for a year-round pest control plan, we will create a customized plan to help you avoid flies and other common Port St. Lucie pests. We understand the lifecycles of these pests and the conditions that help them survive and thrive. Give us a call today to learn how we can help you better enjoy your little slice of Paradise.  


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