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Why DIY Bed Bug Solutions Fail

March 21, 2017

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Wouldn’t it be great to make your own successful bed bug spray at home so you wouldn’t have to deal with another bed bug again? It’s easy; you see a post, you share it, bed bug problem solved, right? Pictures of vinegar solutions and apple cider in spray bottles are appealing, but they rarely work. In fact they don’t. Your DIY bed bug solution will fail and here’s why.

Three Reasons Why DIY Bed Bug Solutions Fail

There are many more than three reasons DIY bed bug solutions fail, but we chose our favorites.

  1. You may kill a few but you can’t kill them all. The problem with bed bugs is that they are great hiders. What you see is not what you get. One or two bed bugs are just the tipping point of a larger infestation.

  2. Bed bugs often build up a tolerance to at-home bug sprays. Think of it as building up their immunity; exposure over time to simple solutions will cause bed bugs to build up a tolerance to your miracle bed bug removal.

  3. Some low toxicity solutions will only kill bed bugs on contact. They do little to kill bed bugs en masse. These types of solutions are also ineffective when it comes to killing bed bugs at the source - destroying the eggs.

Here’s the truth, even commercial bed bug solutions are not as effective as professional services. Most have to be applied directly to a bed bug, so have fun chasing them around. This makes the possibility of DIY solutions even less effective. Killing bed bugs require professional expertise to get rid of them in the first place and keep them out.

Worst DIY Bed Bug Treatments Online

What are the DIY bed bug solutions you have found online? We wanted to share our list of solutions our clients have tried.

  • Rubbing alcohol on a bed bug in either a solution spray or direct application. Either way you use it, it doesn’t work.

  • Dabbing peppermint oil around your bed and in your cupboards. Nope! That does nothing to deter or kill bed bugs. On the bright side, though, your house will smell like a candy factory.

  • At-home bed bug fogger. First, no. Do not try to make a DIY bed bug fogger. You risk respiratory irritation and allergic reactions. Foggers in general are usually ineffective for controlling bed bugs.

  • Plant-based solutions, these are likely to fail as well.

In general, avoid DIY solutions that you saw on a social media picture or solutions that say “kills on contact.”

How Nozzle Nolen Gets Rid of Bed Bugs

Don’t waste your money one more day on DIY solutions. Call the professionals at Nozzle Nolen. We have your best interest and your budget in mind. Nozzle Nolen uses a bed bug heat treatments that kill bed bugs in a single treatment. Schedule your inspection. We can tell you where the infestation is, how you can prepare for the treatment, and set up a time to get these bugs out of your home.


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