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Why Daycares Should Consider Pest Control

March 26, 2018

Most daycare centers, big or small, pride themselves on protecting the children in their care. Included in that protection should be the protection from potential threats that a variety of pests can pose to the children in the facility. Infants and small children are more at risk for illnesses from the pests themselves, bacteria they carry, or even the harmful chemicals that are used in preventing the pests. This is mainly because they are exploring, crawling around, and putting everything into their mouths that they can find.

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Some of the most common pests that infest daycare centers are cockroaches, ants, rodents, bed bugs, termites, spiders, flies, and fleas. At some point, you may need to consider some pest control options for your business. Do-it-yourself pest control can be messy, costly, harmful, and sometimes doesn’t even cure the root of the problem, meaning pests will continue to return. A professional pest control service can help you eliminate pests completely and help you gain the trust of the community by providing a pest-free environment for the children that attend your facility.

If your daycare is ever in the need of pest elimination and prevention that offers a quick response time, flexible scheduling, and a service that suits your specific needs, then Nozzle Nolen Pest Solutions is right for you.  You can always count on our technicians to meet all of your pest control needs. Our technicians are highly trained to help educate your employees on the different techniques to make your facility unattractive to a plethora of pests. To help minimize our impact on the environment, we utilize a technique called Integrated Pest Management (IPM), this process includes the use of EPA approved products and adherence to strict guidelines, we are also Green Shield certified. 

Green Shield Certified means that our technicians are not just trained to eliminate pests but also be knowledgeable about all aspects of pest life cycles, habits, and what attracts them the most. They are trained pest inspectors and monitors, and their first line of defense is always non-chemical and our main goal is to provide long-term effective relief from pests.

With everything else that you need to focus on, don’t risk the health and safety of the children and staff in your facility. Make your daycare pest free today by calling on the commercial pest control professionals at Nozzle Nolen Pest Solutions for all of your pest control needs.


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