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Why Choose Nozzle Nolen For Your Lake Park Lawn And Pest Control Needs

February 14, 2018

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Lake Park is an area in South Florida known as “The Jewel of the Palm Beaches.” The landscaping and vegetation throughout the city, the lively Marina, and invigorating downtown all represent what Lake Park is all about. However, even with all the wonderful perks the city brings, pests continue to find their way in. But lucky for you, Nozzle Nolen provides residential and commercial services in Lake Park to help eliminate the pest problems.

Even though there are large amounts of vegetation in the area, weeds tend to be a large problem. Lake Park is located close to Florida’s coast, which brings the landscaping excess water and of course sunshine. Weeds can grow heavily depending on the season, but the two most common weeds we see in Lake Park are Florida Pusley and Dollar Weed. You might see Dollar Weed growing more wildly with overwatering.

Even with the most impressive lawn care, professional lawn care can give your lawn the extra boost it needs. Nozzle Nolen’s lawn care professionals can help aid your lawn with fertilizer that will overpower those weeds!

Lake Park is populated with older home communities. With older homes come pests like rodents and cockroaches. Rodents can enter in any small space through roofs, foundations of the home, and more. There are many preventative ways to make sure that rodents are not becoming a common guest.

The three biggest tips to reducing a rodent invasion are.

1. Eliminate the entryways around your home including roofs, vents, holes in the foundation of the house, doors, and windows.

2. Keep areas that are prone to clutter, like attics, basements, and garages clean, neat, and organized.

3. Eliminate easy access to food and water. Properly storing food in airtight containers leave rodents with nothing to eat. (This includes pet food!)

Protecting your home against rodents because not only do they cause health issues, but they can cause damage to your home.

Roaches show a heavy amount of activity as well. They are a common pest problem in Lake Park and can become very problematic for both homeowners and business owners. Taking preventative action is always a good idea. 

The best ways to prevent cockroaches are.

1. Clean! Make sure you keep up with the cleaning and tidying inside your home. Roaches are attracted messes and a dirty area. Keeping your home clean not only prevents cockroaches (as well as other pests), but you can also enjoy the clean air in your home.

2. Eliminate the access to your food. Just like with rodent prevention, storing your food in airtight containers can prevent cockroaches from finding their way to it. Cleaning up excess or leftover food, including throwing your food away, can also help.

3. Seal any cracks around your home in the walls, doors, and windows.

Using tips like these can always help you eliminate the chances of getting roaches or rodents in your home. However, it might not be enough. Professional help is always encouraged because you may be keeping them out now, you may just need that extra touch to keep them out for good. Here at Nozzle Nolen, we have the knowledge and environmentally-safe products to provide you with a targeted approach to a pest-free home!

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