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Why Are There Holes All Over My Lawn?

September 6, 2018

The sun is rising here in beautiful Florida, and everything is as it should be, or so it may seem. On your way to check the mailbox, you notice something interesting in your yard, a small volcano-like mound. You may think nothing of it and leave it be. However, a few days later, on another trip to the mailbox, you notice more mounds. This time they are accompanied by several raised patches of earth, like veins, crawling through your yard, almost resembling lightning bolts. What could do such a thing? The answer, moles.

mole climbing out of hole

Why Are Moles In My Yard?

When it comes to moles being attracted to your yard, we have bad news, and we have bad news. The bad news is that moles are attracted to healthy yards. Specifically, the earthworms found within. A single mole can eat nearly its body weight in earthworms in one day. Ok. So that’s the bad news. Here’s the bad news. Moles are also attracted to unhealthy lawns. Unhealthy lawns can have grubs, moles love grubs, and these tasty mole treats are not procured by moles without quite a bit of digging and tunneling, unfortunately for your lawn.

Are They A Threat?

All that digging and tunneling can cause a lot of problems. Not only does it damage your lawn, leaving raised patches of earth covered in dead grass, but it poses some more serious threats as well. When a mole reaches underground cables or wiring, they are not polite, or intelligent enough, to think to just dig around them. Sometimes mole digging can result in the destruction of underground electrical work. If left unchecked, a mole can do extensive damage to your yard, not to mention the tripping hazards these whole present.

What Can I Do?

If you have a mole infestation, things may seem hopeless and out of control, but there is hope. Here at Nozzle Nolen, we have mole specialists on staff who are trained to quickly and efficiently deal with your lawn pest problems. And we don’t stop there. Nozzle Nolen is not just an (award-winning) pest control company, we also have lawn care professionals on staff to bring your yard back to its former glory. Let us help. Contact Nozzle Nolen today.


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