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What is Attracting Mosquitoes to Your Lake Worth Home

February 21, 2018

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With the many opportunities that Lake Worth offers for enjoying the outdoors in its beautiful tropic climate, it is no surprise that in many people think mosquitoes should rest high on the list of Lake Worth's most annoying pests. With itchy bites left in their wake, and infuriating buzzing announcing their presence, no one wants mosquitoes around. But do you do more to minimize mosquito grief than deciding to avoid spending time outside in the evenings during peak mosquito season? Do you treat mosquitoes as seriously as you should? Mosquitoes are carriers of multiple serious diseases, which they can pass to humans while feeding, and for warmer climates like Lake Worth, the risk is higher. Mosquitoes are worth taking action to guard your home against, and the first step is to ensure that you're not actually attracting them to your Lake Worth property.

Mosquitoes are an incredibly moisture-dependent insect, and your first task in making your home less attractive to mosquitoes is to remove sources of standing water. Even a puddle the size of a cup of water could play host to mosquito eggs. Old tires, unused children's toys, decorative pottery, or any number of items left out could hold enough water to create a nursery for the flying menace. Poor drainage is another huge culprit for providing mosquitoes a habitat and is fairly common due to the cost or effort required to fix it. Beyond this, mosquitoes are attracted to people. The carbon dioxide we exhale is like a beacon to mosquitoes, and if our homes aren't sealed, they will find a way to crawl inside and get at us.

Tips for preventing mosquitoes include such methods as:

  • Removing sources of standing water
  • Landscaping for proper drainage away from the house or into appropriate water channels
  • Trimming back shrubs and trees, so as to leave the area around your house open
  • Inspecting and sealing openings in doors, windows, screens, and vents

If you are facing swarms of mosquitoes around your Lake Worth home, Nozzle Nolen can help you to seriously lessen the threat to you and your family. We provide thorough inspections to determine potential mosquito breeding sites and eliminate them. Then we use a specialized fogger on your property, along with additional mosquito deterrents for shrubs and bushes, making your property much less attractive to mosquitoes, and seriously cutting down their population. To learn more about how our dedicated mosquito control plans can enhance your ability to enjoy the outdoors around Lake Worth, call Nozzle Nolen today.


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