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What Does Termite Season Mean To You?

April 12, 2017

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There are two types of people in the world, those who have termite protection, and those who do not. Which type are you? If you are the first type, then you're probably not too worried about termite season. In fact, you may not even know when termite season is. It comes and goes without causing you to give it a single thought. But, if you don't have termite protection, termite season is something altogether different.

If you don't have termite protection for your home, termite season means an increase in termite swarmer activity and the possibility of a termite infestation. This is the time of year when termite colonies produce winged reproductives for the purpose of establishing new nests. Any homeowner who does not have ongoing termite protection should take measures to protect their property.

If you have termite protection, spring is just another season.

If you don't have termite protection, termite season means keeping a vigilant eye out for signs of termite swarmer activity, looking for shed wings, and paying attention to when swarms of insects flutter around a nearby streetlight. This is the time of year when you'll do a detailed inspection to see if mud tubes have been established on any of your walls.

If you have termite protection, you'll be relaxing next to the pool drinking a fruity drink.

If you don't have termite protection, you'll be examining your mulch for signs of swarmers, checking all the trees on your property to see if there are any signs of termites, and climbing up the step ladder to check your roofline.

If you have termite protection, termite season means very little at all. You have peace of mind. You know your property and, more specifically, your equity, is protected. You don't have to spend any time thinking about termites at all. You don't go to sleep wondering if your home is being damaged by stealthy insects that come up from the ground to feed quietly on your support beams, and you don't have to lay in bed in the morning wondering if this will be the day that you find out that your home has been eaten by insects for years, undetected.

Any time of year is a good time to get termite protection installed, but spring is an especially good time of year. Safeguard your investment from termite infestation. The termite experts here at Nozzle Nolen are standing by to provide you the most advanced termite control available in the industry.


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