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What Attracts Raccoons To Your Florida Property

December 6, 2017

raccoon on florida property

Raccoons can be funny to watch and can even be considered cute at times. While they certainly are entertaining, raccoons are dangerous and destructive as well. The cartoon version of a raccoon will often show them as "trash burglars," playing in trash bins and fumbling all over themselves. Their natural fur pattern of black circles around the eyes fits this cartoon perfectly! Ironically, the damage they leave behind is no fun to homeowners. Trash is spread throughout the yard and trash bins may be damaged and need replacing. If a raccoon has any suspicions that you have accessible food outside or inside your home, they aren’t afraid to cause extensive damage to get to it. They may climb through open windows, sneak in garages, or climb in through any entry point that they can find. Unfortunately, they aren’t only just searching for food. They are searching for a place they can call home. In that time they can cause structural damage such as contaminating insulation and chewing through wires or sheetrock. Additionally, those cartoon raccoons don’t include a warning sign that reads, "Keep back, dangerous animal." Raccoons can become aggressive when they feel cornered or threatened and they may lash out at you, your family, or your pets. They bite and scratch—which becomes even more dangerous if they are a carrier of rabies.

Just like most animals of the wild, raccoons are on the search for a home that gives them plenty of access to the basic necessities, i.e. water, food, and shelter. They prefer to live in wooded areas that are close to water, however, they will go where the resources lead them. They are commonly found in suburban, urban and rural environments. A few things that attract raccoons to a property include unsecured garbage, compost piles, gardens, and pet food. As mentioned above, they often seek shelter inside of homes or buildings. They may also choose to live under decks and in outdoor sheds. The best way for homeowners to avoid raccoons is to perform routine maintenance on your property, for example making sure all entry points are closed or covered properly. Homeowners should properly seal pet food and trash bins.

If you already have a raccoon problem or are interested in raccoon prevention, call Nozzle Nolen, a pest control company that services West Palm Beach, Jupiter, and Boca Raton as well as much of the South Florida region. Nozzle Nolen knows that raccoons are one of most destructive nuisance wildlife pests in our area. Our highly trained wildlife removal technicians will humanely remove raccoons through live trapping. After the raccoon is removed, they will inspect your home to find and close off any areas where future pests could enter your home. They will also repair the damage the raccoon left behind. Nozzle Nolen’s goal is to rid your home of raccoons for good.


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