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"We are Protectors of Public Health”

May 18, 2020

More than ever, cleanliness and sanitization are on the minds of South Floridians amid concerns about the coronavirus. As the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s (CDC) guidelines on the importance of hand-washing, covering coughs and sneezes, and wiping down surfaces pervade our psyche, a new standard of care is emerging in disinfecting the places where people live, work, and play.

A Nozzle Nolen pest technician performs a disinfectant service on the interior of a storefront

Rest assured; Nozzle Nolen can help. We’re rolling out a new disinfectant service called DisMist that treats interior spaces with an all-in-one bactericide, germicide, and viricide.

Our company’s technical director Paul Sugrue said, “As a pest-management business, we are protectors of public health. DisMist is another step in that direction.”

Our specially trained technicians apply a fast-drying mist that treats high-contact surfaces and all exposed areas in South Florida homes and offices. In the home, bathroom fixtures, doorknobs, cupboards, light switches, and tables are a focus. In the office, conference rooms, desks, elevator buttons, filing cabinets, and kitchen appliances are targeted. Per the CDC, it is recommended that all customers perform a standard cleaning of their premises prior to the treatment to help ensure the product’s effectiveness. Other than that, very little preparation is required.

“There is definitely a demand for it,” said Sugrue. “In buildings with high levels of exposure, it’s almost a must. For an employer to be able to say they’re conscientious and proactive about the safety of their customers and employees is hugely beneficial.”

Nozzle Nolen has used this same technology for attics and crawl spaces and has been doing so for years. Because of the onset of the coronavirus—and the rapidly changing world that has ensued—the stage was set for the service’s evolution.

In addition to homes, offices, and large-scale businesses, day care centers, schools, government buildings, and college dorms can make DisMist part of their cleaning protocols in a time of a “new normal.” Marinas, public transportation yards, warehouses, and other large spaces can also benefit from the disinfectant service, as well.

“There are so many possibilities for DisMist,” Sugrue said. “The need for this type of service has become a reality.”

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