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Top Five Pest In Palm Beach Gardens

May 24, 2018

The warm weather is here and there will be many travelers that will come to enjoy the warmth and scenery of Palm Beach Gardens. Unfortunately, humans are not the only travelers looking for a vacation. That's right, there are many pests that will be looking for a free place to stay while they are vacationing and taking in what our homes have to offer.

mouse chewing hole in palm beach gardens home


Some people may think that they won’t have any rodent problems because it is not cold outside, but the truth is, rodents will always be an issue because your home has the three necessities: food, water, and shelter. Rodents can become a major issue in your home as they can cause destructive damage to your property as well as spread diseases throughout your home.

Some tips to prevent a rodent infestation:

  • Keep your home as clean as you can.

  • Keep the clutter to a minimum. Pay close attention to areas like the attic, basement, and garage.

  • Store food in air tight containers.

  • Seal all entry points.

  • Repair any faults in vents.

If you notice rodents in your home and need professional help, Nozzle Nolen offers a rodent control program just for you. Our control program consists of trapping, monitoring, sterilizing, and replacing contaminated insulation. Rodent control is very important as rodents can cause between $500 million and $1 billion in property damage and health issues.

Bed Bugs

Bed bugs are known as “hitchhikers” and in a South Florida hotspot like Palm Beach Gardens, you might see some bed bug activity. Remember, even the cleanest places can catch bed bugs, so even if you are the cleanest yourself, you have an equal chance of bringing these little bugs home. If you do happen to bring home these unwanted guests, a professional treatment is the only way to effectively get rid of the bed bugs.

There are different types of treatments for bed bugs, but they cannot stand heat, which makes Nozzle Nolen’s heat treatment the most effective. Our heat treatment takes approximately 8-10 hours and will have you sleeping peacefully in your bed the same night, not having to worry about letting those bed bugs bite!


We flinch when just looking at the word, we couldn’t imagine one running across the kitchen floor. Cockroaches reproduce fairly quickly, so if you see one in your house it is likely that there are more where that one came from. They cause destructive damage to your home as well as spread germs and bacteria. Here are some tips to prevent cockroaches:

  • Keep your kitchen clean and avoid leaving food out (this includes pet food).

  • Vacuum and sweep often.

  • Wash your clothes on a regular basis. Never leave the dirty clothes piling up.

  • Manage the amount of moisture that is in your home.


The most common tick we see living inside homes is the Brown Dog tick. Ticks are usually carried by dogs that are coming in from outside. Ticks inside your home can be easily prevented, however, because this pest rapidly reproduces, you could have a tick infestation almost instantly. Ways to prevent tick infestations are to:

  • Check your pets regularly around the hard-to-see places (i.e. ears, toes, under arms).

  • Remove ticks from your pets as soon as they are spotted.

  • Use professional control treatments.

Using a lawn and ornamental service and/or a mosquito control service can help eliminate the ticks that are found around your home. As said before, dogs are usually the carriers of the Brown Dog tick, so controlling and treating areas of habitat will reduce your chances of catching an infestation.


These winged pests are becoming more active as the amount of rain begins to increase. Mosquitoes leave you with itchy bites, but also carry a number of diseases. Rain comes in abundance here in Palm Beach Gardens so it’s important to take preventative action if you haven’t already.

  • Reduce the amount of standing waters around your home.

  • Repair damaged screens.

  • Use EPA approved repellent.

Once mosquitoes find a breeding site, they don’t travel far from it. So, if you find yourself getting bit by mosquitoes in your back yard, it would be most beneficial for a professional mosquito treatment. Nozzle Nolen offers a mosquito control program that eliminates the breeding sites, treats day-time resting sites, and eliminates all adult mosquitoes in the area.

Keeping a look out for these pests can be tiring. Call us today and we will take that problem off your hands.


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