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Tips To Keep Fleas Out Of Your West Palm Beach Home

May 17, 2017


No one likes getting fleas. These are frustrating pests that can cause skin irritation and illness for our pets and leave itchy, red welts on our ankles--or worse. Since we're heading into the time of year when fleas become a problem for homeowners, what better time to talk about flea prevention? Here are some tips for keeping these blood-eating pests at bay.

Flea Prevention

If you own a pet, flea prevention starts with protecting your furry loved one from being used as a host for fleas. Speak to your veterinarian about collars, topicals, medication, and other preventative products, that work to make your pet an unsuitable host. While these products do not protect your pet or your home 100%, they are certainly a good first step.

If you have pets that go out into your yard, it is important to protect your yard from flea harborage, otherwise, your pet could bring fleas back in with them, even if they have a collar or some other preventative product applied to them. Fleas wait in the grass for a suitable host. If they see a furry animal coming near, they don't stop to wonder if it has a flea collar on. They can leap on a hind section or a leg and ride into a home before the product causes them to disengage.

There are some ways to protect a yard from flea infestation.

  1. Wildlife are the vehicle by which fleas get into your yard. Putting up a fence can provide limited reduction of fleas by keeping some wild animals from coming in.
  2. Reducing food and water sources in a yard can also deter animals.
  3. Keeping your yard trimmed will make it less welcoming to wildlife.
  4. Pest control companies offer treatments that can address fleas living in your yard if you don't want to alter your yard to keep wildlife out.

Be aware that rodents and other wild animals can bring fleas into your home when they chew their way in. If you have a mouse or rat infestation, you may have a secondary infestation of fleas. Ongoing pest service that directly manages rodents indirectly manages fleas.

If a flea infestation does take root, you can trust Nozzle Nolen to apply industry-trusted measures to isolate and eradicate these invasive pests. You don't have to spend hours, or even days, battling fleas. All it takes is a quick to have one of our pest specialists take a look at your problem and offer a resolution.


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