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This Fall, Don’t Fall Short Of Eliminating Pests In Your Florida Home

October 28, 2014

We all hate pests, no matter the time of the year. From ants roaming the place like they share in the ownership of the property to termites building unsightly mounds in every corner of the house, pests can be a big nuisance.

In Florida, it’s not different especially in fall. Many homeowners are already complaining about rats and all kinds of rodents invading their places. For owners of older homes, the problem is even bigger because these pests have probably come here before so they could have their holes and nests close by and know the paths around the home so well.

Pests are also known for their destructive capabilities. For instance, carpenter ants, if left unchecked, could bring down an entire wood structure within a few weeks. They burrow into any wood and will chew the life out of any wooden product. Within a few weeks, your furniture and cupboards are left dangling by a thread. Rodents, on the other hand, can gnaw just about anything, even metal. Many times they eat away wires connecting your electrical appliances leaving you exposed to electric shocks. These can cost you several hundred or even a few thousand dollars in repairs. Above all, most rodents are disease carriers.

How Florida residents can keep pests away from their homes in fall:

Find and seal all openings in the home

Utility openings such as spaces left around electricity wires and water pipes entering the foundation of the building are common entry points for ants and most other pests. Other possible entry points are areas around gas meters, outdoor facets, and dryer vents. Openings as small as 1/16 of an inch or less will comfortably allow spiders and other insects into the home while larger openings in the range of ¼ inch are big enough for mice to squeeze through. Use cement, caulk, expandable foam, or copper mesh to seal such openings.

Seal gaps around doors and windows

Spaces around doors and windows are some of the most overlooked weaknesses in homes. In addition to being the main causes of heat and cool air loss in the home they often also provide avenues for pests to enter our homes. Start by cleaning the spaces and removing any existing caulk, and then use weather stripping, or acrylic latex caulk to seal them completely. For sliding doors, fit the bottom track with weather-stripping foam. If your garage attaches to the house, consider fitting the bottom of that garage with a rubber seal.

Repair or replace door and window screens that have holes or are damaged

Holes or rips in door and window screens must be immediately repaired or the screens replaced altogether. Large gaps in the screens might just be big enough for flies to come into your house. It also helps to keep doors and windows closed most of the time to ward off these pesky insects.

Find other conditions that might be inviting in pests

Firewood placed too close to the house, for example, might attract ants that may soon find a way into your rooms. The National Pest Management Association recommends that firewood be kept at least 20 feet away from the house and all shrubbery trimmed appropriately. Store all food in airtight containers and regularly dispose of garbage in sealed receptacles.

If you are a homeowner in West Palm Beach, Lake Worth or elsewhere in our South Florida service area and would like a professional to come and give you an evaluation of your pest pressures, contact the friendly staff here at Nozzle Nolen today and request your free inspection.


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