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They Get Snow. We Get Florida Pusley

November 17, 2016

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Don’t get too excited when you look out your window this holiday season. It’s not snow you see on your lawn, it’s an invasive weed called Florida pusley. That’s Florida snow. If you like to pull weeds, Florida pusley will keep you busy, but if your infestation spreads, you will need professional help to get it out and to keep it from returning.

What is Florida Pusley?

Florida pusley (Richardia scabra) is an aggressive weed that is native to Florida, and it loves to creep into our lawns. Florida pusley is a weed that arrives in patches during the summer months, but perennial pusley may be found in some lawns, too.

Florida pusley has hairy leaves and stems, and tiny white flowers. A single stem quickly sprouts large clumps of flowers at a time. As the flower matures, the dainty white flower turns into a purple flower on much larger mats of weeds.

Where to find Florida pusley

Florida pusley can pop up on untreated lawns, especially if the lawn is near open fields and unkempt lawns. Florida pusley grows from seed, which travels quickly if small patches are not controlled or pulled immediately. Smaller plants are easier to control. Mature plants are difficult to control and need professional intervention.

Florida pusley can thrive in any lawn because they can survive dry conditions. Florida pusley grows in larger patches where grass is thinning and directly exposed to full sun. The hotter the weather, the better Florida pusley grows. Florida pusley does well in drought areas, and if the lawn is not properly irrigated, the weed will take over the existing lawn.

Your lawn is more competitive against Florida pusley when it is properly cared for and adequately irrigated. The stronger and healthier your lawn is, the better the chance for fighting off Florida pusley. The lawn care professionals at Nozzle Nolen have the education and equipment to do just that.

Preventing and Treating Florida Pusley

The best defense you have against Florida pusley is actually your existing lawn, but it must be healthy and strong to fight off smaller infestations. If you don’t immediately tackle small patches, they will quickly spread and require professional care.

Lawn and ornamental treatments help lawns fight off turf diseases such as dollar spot, gray leaf spot, brown patch, Pythium blight, and take-all root rot. If your lawn can fight off disease and fungi, it is strong enough to fight and deter Florida pusley as well.

Nozzle Nolen also feeds your lawn frequently with an eco-friendly fertilizer that helps your lawn grow strong so it can out-compete with weeds such as Florida pusley. A free inspection and regular lawn care will keep the Florida snow out of your front yard.


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