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The Worst Pests Threatening Tequesta Homes and Lawns This Fall

October 17, 2018

Fall is an interesting time of year for many pest control companies in the northern states. When leaves begin to turn red, orange, and yellow, the cold temperatures of fall inspire bugs and wildlife to get inside. That is not the case here in Tequesta. But, before you begin to celebrate, there is something you should know. Bugs and wildlife can get into your Tequesta home all year long.

While the northern states are dealing with overwintering pests such as stink bugs, lady bugs, and box elder bugs (which cannot survive inside their homes permanently) we deal with pests that have no trouble living with us.

rat on a counter in a tequesta home


Mice and rats are common invaders. They love our homes as much as we do. When they chew their way in, they find many reasons to stay. But, while you might be thinking that food and water are their main reasons for living with us, they actually aren't. A mouse or a rat can take up residence in a home that doesn't have any food or water at all. Why would they do such a thing? They do it to hide from predators. It is the same reason they'll hide in a car or truck, or take up residence inside an old washing machine sitting in someone's backyard.

When we talk about control for rodents, we suggest that homeowners protect food sources and fix leaks. But it is important to understand that food and water resources must be controlled inside and outside a home if you want to keep rodents from living with you. If mice and rats take up residence in your home and find nothing to eat or drink inside, they can still roam around in your yard to find the food and water they need. That's not a solution. But, if they don't find anything in your yard either, that could be enough to make those rodents look elsewhere for suitable harborage.

There are many things that rodents consider to be food, and it can be extremely difficult to make a home and a yard food-free. So, the solution for rodents is to seal exterior walls and use exterior traps to reduce rodent populations. This is tricky. Mice and rodents are wired to avoid being caught. For best results, have a pest professional take care of rodent control.


We have many species of spider in Florida. Some of them don't present any problems for us but there is a group of spiders that are commonly found in our yards and in our Tequesta homes that do. The two spiders to be most cautious of are the brown recluse spider and the southern black widow. A bite from a brown recluse can have necrotic properties, which causes the tissue to rot underneath the wound. And a bite from a black widow can cause extreme sickness.

These two types of spider have strong venom because they take down larger prey. When they come into your yards, they'll be looking for beetles, cockroaches, crickets, and other large bugs. The fewer bugs you have, the fewer reasons venomous spiders will have to live on your property and inside your home.


We have a lot of wildlife in South Florida but of all the animals that can wander into our yards, squirrels and raccoons are the most troublesome. Squirrels can chew their way in through eaves or gnaw their way in through a soffit. Their only reason for doing this is harborage. Squirrels eat foods found outside. Unless you have an attic full of fungi, nuts, vegetables, fruits, flowers, or insects, squirrels will be finding their food out in your yard. The way to keep squirrels out is to make sure your eaves, soffits, and roofline are in good condition, and to trim tree branches away from your home.

Raccoons eat many of the things we eat, but they're not nearly as picky as we are. They're more than happy to eat something that is rotting in our trash. For this reason, it is important to make sure exterior trash is in sealed receptacles, and that those receptacles are secured if you want to keep raccoons away. Raccoons are also good climbers with dextrous fingers. Make sure 2nd- and 3rd-story windows are locked.

Fall Pest Control

In Tequesta and South Florida, fall pest control looks a lot like summer pest control. That is why every home should have ongoing, year-round pest service from a professional.


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