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The Truth About Ghost Ants In West Palm Beach FL

July 13, 2017

ghost ants in west palm beach

Imagine spending the most part of your Saturday afternoon cleaning your kitchen. You clean your kitchen so well that the countertops sparkle. You move on with your day then you wake up Sunday morning, and for a split second, you hope that you’re still dreaming. Because your once sparkling kitchen countertops are littered with ants!

For the most part, we are grateful for our comfy lifestyle that we live down here in South Florida. But why must we have to deal with the pesky critters that come with it? South Florida is home to many types of ants. There are ants that bite and some that don’t. Some that can cause damage to your home and some that are just a nuisance. Whether the ants cause damage or are just a nuisance, they are all the same in that their population can get out of hand quickly!

The most common ant that we see in our homes is the Ghost ant. These little, almost translucent ants are difficult to spot at first because they are very small in size. Ghost ants also have a light abdomen that is almost transparent, allowing them to blend easily into your home. They typically look for sugars and moisture inside and outside of your home for to feed off of. Which is why you will typically see ghost ants around the kitchen and bathroom areas. They will eventually nest between your walls, baseboards, and cabinets. On the outside of the home, ghost ants will make a home in and around dead tree branches, fallen leaves, or under stones.

These ants don’t cause any damage to the home, but they can cause a large infestation if not taken care of properly. If they are given the time, the ghost ants will start to build nests both inside and outside of the home and begin to build new colonies.

Even though an inspection of the home is recommended, there are preventative actions and home remedies that you can do yourself. Inside the home, it is important to keep up with the cleaning, especially in the kitchen and bathroom areas. Even the smallest particle of food can attract the ants, and they do spread quickly, so it is important to make sure these areas stay clean. Also in the kitchen, it is beneficial to keep food put away in tightly sealed containers. You can also look for ways to reduce the moisture inside your home. Checking for leaks and drips is another preventative action that should be considered. There are a few home remedies that can be used as well. Such as using and spraying oils like eucalyptus and cinnamon or laying coffee grounds will help keep ghost ants away.

As for the outside of the home, removing any firewood away from the edge of the home can steer the ants in a different direction. Turning over stones or removing debris from the yard will also remove nesting sites from the ants.

If you feel that you cannot rid your home of ants, even after taking preventative action, you may have a larger infestation. In the case of the sparkling-clean kitchen example above, and you should contact your pest professionals here at Nozzle Nolen. We will be able to bait the ant colonies outside and seal off the inside of your home. For more information or any questions, call us today!


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