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The Tropical Bed Bug Resurfaces After 60 Years

December 7, 2016

tropical bed bug on bedspread

The last reported sighting was recorded in the 1940’s. Since then, it’s disappeared never to be seen again…until now. No, it’s not Halley’s Comet. It’s not Big Foot. It’s not even the Creature from the Black Lagoon. It’s the Tropical Bed Bug. And it’s here in Florida, looking to feast on your blood! (Why couldn’t this story have broken in October?)

Recently, a homeowner in Merritt Island, Florida sent a sample of a bed bug to the University of Florida IFAS research center. It was quickly determined that this bed bug was different from the common bed bug that is found all over the United States. This is a tropical breed of bed bug and it is a species that was last reported seen 60 years ago.

Typically found in Asia and South America, this strain of bed bug is thought to have traveled to Florida via the local ports, i.e. Port Canaveral. Down here in South Florida, we have many major ports in our area (Port of Palm Beach) and I wouldn’t be surprised if we started seeing this species in our neck of the woods before long.

In general, bed bugs weren’t an issue until their resurgence in the late 90’s. The pest control practices for most of the 20th century were drastically different than the modern practices that we apply now so it is widely believed that the copious use of DEET on home surfaces detracted from the spread of the bug in the past. Now that most of the larger pest control companies are now more environmentally aware, the product is no longer being applied to most of the home and more IPM, inspection based practices are being used. Since targeted pest control treatments are slightly more expensive than treatments used in the past, bed bugs have been given the opportunity to resurge in the lower-income areas of the country. And once bed bugs are given a chance, they will take over.

Effective treatment practices for the tropical bed bug will remain the same as treatment for the common bed bug. Nozzle Nolen’s Bed Bug division recommends heat as the #1 treatment option for effectively and efficiently treating a bed bug infestation.

Heat treatments are 100% effective when done correctly. Our heat specialists are educated on the thermal dynamics of a home and will evenly distribute the maximum safe temperature of heat throughout your home to effectively kill every single bed bug, including their eggs.

Heat treatments involve less prep than other bed bug treatments and unlike other methods, it is an ONE-TIME treatment. With heat treatments, you will be back at home the same day, sleeping in your own bed, bed bug-free!

In addition to treating your bed bug infestation, Nozzle Nolen will educate you on the habits of the bed bug and will provide recommendations for you to follow so you never find yourself in this position again! Nozzle Nolen offers free bed bug inspections for customers who believe they may have a bed bug infestation. Call now for your free inspection, today!


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