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The Danger of Fall Tick Infestations in Tequesta

October 29, 2018

Warm, year-round temperatures in Tequesta make it the perfect home for many pests, including ticks, as ticks thrive in warm, moisture-rich climates. Anyone who’s spent much time in the coastal areas of South Florida knows that it’s teaming with humidity. Brown dog ticks are particularly problematic in the Tequesta area. Any tick activity is worrisome, as ticks can carry a multitude of diseases from Lyme disease to Rocky Mountain spotted fever.

tick biting a dog

Problems that Ticks Cause

The most benign problem that ticks cause is a mild skin reaction at the site of the bite. Tick bites can cause inflammation and itching. If the itching, particularly on dogs, becomes problematic enough and intense scratching occurs, secondary infections and hair loss may happen.

More troublesome is the transmission of life-threatening illness. In dogs, canine ehrlichiosis and canine babesis can be transmitted by the brown dog tick. These diseases can cause lethargy, lameness, fevers, and anemia. This particular species of tick prefers dogs as its host, but humans do serve as sufficient substitutes when there are no dogs available. In those cases, the ticks sometimes transmit Rocky Mountain spotted fever, so be sure to remove any ticks as soon as they are discovered on your body.

Brown dog ticks can live their entire life cycle indoors, laying eggs under your carpets and in the cracks of your furniture. They can continue to breed and mature and repeat the cycle of feeding on you and your pets.

Professional Tick Treatments

For your pets, it’s important to consult with your veterinarian about effective and safe flea and tick prevention products. Using these products according to the instructions will greatly reduce the chances of your pets becoming hosts to ticks.
For humans and your home, keeping your grass cut short and vegetation trimmed back gives ticks fewer places to hide and seek moisture. Additionally, flea and tick treatments for your property from the professionals at Nozzle Nolen can greatly reduce the number of ticks on your property.

When you receive year-round pest control service you have peace of mind that your Tequesta property and family are protected from many harmful pests, including brown dog ticks. Our certified specialists have over 60 years’ experience dealing with the pests that are native to South Florida. Don’t take a chance exposing your family to harmful tick-borne diseases. Contact us today to choose a pest control plan that is perfect for your home.


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