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Thankful For Pests That Are Beneficial To Lawns

November 23, 2016

ant crawling on grass

Do you know that there are some creatures that are widely considered pests, that can actually be a benefit to the health of your lawn? We're serious! While these creatures are unwelcome in your pantry, in your basement, or climbing all over your walls, they help to give your grass what it needs to out compete with all of those weeds. Here are a few pests you might want to thank the next time you see them.


We can all agree that ants are pests. These tiny little critters enter homes by the hundreds and even thousands to invade pantries, swarm trash cans, and dine on food left in your pet's dish. While this invasive behavior is not something any of us are particularly fond of, ants have a beneficial role to play in the health of your grass. As it turns out, ants are great for aerating the soil. They move the soil around so that air can get to the roots of your grass. Without proper aeration, your grass would choke. They will also seek out and destroy pest insects inside the soil of your lawn, which helps to give nutrients to plant roots.


No one likes having lady bugs crawling all over their screens and climbing all over their walls. Even though lady bugs are harmless to humans, they can damage belongings, and drive us crazy. But, before you decide to get rid of all those lady bugs you might want to reconsider. Lady bugs, also called ladybird beetles, are predatory insects whose larvae feed on pests that can harm the plants in your yard.


These tiny little insects, that are often mistaken for fleas, are definitely pests when they get inside. While they don't bite or spread disease, they can be quite irritating to have jumping around. In your yard, having springtails around is actually a good thing. These are one of many saprophytes that work to break down rotting leaves, twigs, and other organic matter in your yard. This helps to fertilize your lawn.

Any bug can become a pest when it gets into the wrong place but, when bugs are properly managed, they can do a lot of the hard work in keeping your lawn strong and vibrant. And, they do all this work in a natural and eco-friendly way. Thanks, bugs!

If you need help keeping your turf grass beautiful, let Nozzle Nolen help. We know how to get rid of the bugs and animals you don't want, while properly maintaining the ones you do. Schedule your free inspection to learn more about your lawn, and how Nozzle Nolen can make it grow to its full potential.


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