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Termite Protection Is At The Top Of The List

April 18, 2018

If you’re a proud homeowner in sunny South Florida, you’ve most-likely  invested in long list of items that you’ve deemed necessary in the protection of your home. With “air-conditioner” topping the list, other necessities like “home owner’s insurance” and “hurricane shutters” fall directly underneath. Now let me ask you: on your list, do you see the words “termite protection”? If you don’t, your list is incomplete, and you should add it immediately.

termites near a south florida home

Termites are the most destructive household pests in the United States. Annually, termites cause $5.5 billion a year in structural damage in this country alone. And the amount of damage to structures in Florida, contributes to about 30% of that incredulous figure. Termite protection is easy to factor into the necessity list as home owner’s insurance does not cover damage caused by termites. But here’s the good news: Nozzle Nolen does!

When you start a termite prevention program with Nozzle Nolen, you can finally cross “termite protection” off your list. If you get termites under our program, we will treat the infestation for free and pay for up to $1 million in damage repairs. That’s why we call it our “Million Dollar Guarantee!”

We offer a variety of options for the four main types of termites that you’ll see here in South Florida (Drywood, Subterranean, Asian and Formosan).

  • Liquid treatment

  • Tentless treatment

  • Tent fumigation

  • Vault fumigation

  • Advanced Baiting – this is our green/pet-friendly option for the monitoring and treating of Subterranean Termites.

Unlike the Big Bad Wolf, termites don’t discriminate between houses built of block and houses made of wood. With all block houses, there’s wood somewhere. Whether the wood is in the attic, crown molding, furniture, or the roof, all it takes is a crack in the slab and Subterranean Termites can get in and start on their life’s work. The fact of the matter is, most of the termite damage we encounter is done to homes made of block.

With termite swarm season officially now in full force, take the additional steps to further protect your biggest asset. You’ve checked everything else off the list. Now, take care of one of the most important items with Nozzle Nolen Pest Solutions. Call (888) 989-0282 today to receive a free termite inspection for your home. Or visit our website,,  for more information.


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