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Tequesta Lawn Pests to Watch Out for This Fall

September 14, 2018

At Nozzle Nolen, we don't just employ horticultural specialists who protect lawns from dollar spot, brown patch, Pythium blight, take-all root rot, and gray leaf spot turf diseases. We don't just know the complexities of weed control, lawn fertilization, and moisture control. We also employ industry-leading pest control professionals who understand the threat Florida bugs and wildlife can present to the health of our lawns! Here are some of the pests you can expect to find invading your yard this fall:

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Chinch Bugs

If you're starting to see dead patches of grass in your yard, it may be the result of a chinch bug infestation. While these pests can attack any turfgrass, they are particularly fond of St. Augustine grass. The damage they cause will start in one location and spread out in a radial pattern.

Fall Army Worms

This is a pretty good name for these pests. If your yard is attacked by army worms, it will be like a rank and file invasion of a caterpillar army. They will feed on your turfgrass and ornamental plants and may even attack the roots.


These are the larvae of beetles. In South Florida, it is often June beetles that are responsible for leaving their hungry offspring in our yards. The damage caused by these grubs starts with the yellowing of grass and if left alone, will result in the eventual death of the grass, which leaves patches of brown in an otherwise beautiful green lawn.


These furry pests need no introduction. When moles invade a yard, they create dirt mounds as they build their unsightly raised surface tunnels. What’s worse, moles are attracted to grubs and can compound an already existing pest problem.

Sodweb Worms

Here is another caterpillar you can expect to find crawling into your yard and damaging your lawn and vegetation. But the damage caused by these caterpillars won't be as organized as the damage caused by fall army worms. Instead, they will create randomly arranged brown patches and areas of raggedly chewed grass in your lawn. In the case of a large infestation, sodweb worms can destroy your lawn in just a few days!

The Solution For Lawn Pests

Most homes in Tequesta have a residential pest control plan in place. We all know that bugs, rodents, and wildlife can present a threat to our health and our property. If you already have a plan that helps guard your home against termites and protect your family from the viruses and diseases spread by ticks, mosquitoes, cockroaches, and other bugs, all you need to do to protect your property from the pests that threaten your lawn is add lawn pest management to your plan!

If you don't have a pest plan in place yet, let Nozzle Nolen help you create a customized plan to targets the pests you're concerned about. We are a full-service, nationally-recognized pest control provider that also offers industry-leading lawn care service. Schedule a free quote from one of our educated and experienced professionals to put your plan in place today!


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