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Stopping Pantry Pests In Their Tracks

July 5, 2018

Though pantry pests are small, they can become a huge nuisance inside Florida homes by invading stored foods found in kitchen and pantry areas. In our area of South Florida, there are many different species of pantry pests to be aware of and take precautionary measures against in order to keep them from invading our homes and contaminating our food sources. Some of the most common pantry pests include:

  • Meal moths
  • Grain moths
  • Grain beetles
  • Weevils
  • Mealworms
food contaminated with sawtooth grain beetle

Pantry pests can cause problems inside South Florida homes any time of the year, but become especially problematic during the summer months. When the weather warms up in the summer season, pantry pests become more active; summertime is also the time of year when their populations are the largest, which can present a big issue if they invade your home. In order to protect your home from these pests, it is important to know what damages they cause when living inside of Florida homes and how to protect your home from being invaded by these food contaminating pests during the summer and throughout the rest of the year as well!

Pantry pests are typically introduced into homes through packaged products like pancake mix, flour, spices, dry pet food, dried pasta or fruit, and birdseed that are purchased at grocery stores or pet stores and then brought into your home. Typically, these products are infested with their eggs, larvae, webbing, or feces. Though hitching a ride in food products is the most common way that these pests enter our homes, they can gain access in other ways as well; adult pantry pests can find their way into your home through openings found around windows or doors, a torn screen, or any spaces found around the utilities entering into your home. Once inside, it is only a matter of time before the females will lay their eggs inside the dry goods stored inside your home’s kitchen or pantry, contaminating them and rendering them inedible while also increasing the population of pantry pests in your home.

Pantry pests have the potential to multiply very quickly, meaning that the one box of contaminated pancake mix that you brought home from the store can quickly lead to other food being stored inside your home’s pantry to be contaminated these pests as well. As the infestation matures, the pantry pests will also cause the infested food to break down and emit an odor that may attract other insects or rodents, leading to a secondary pest infestation that could be more difficult to deal with than the original.

  • To help prevent pantry pests from finding their way into your home and contaminating your food sources, the pest control professionals at Nozzle Nolen want to offer the following exclusion tips:
  • Never purchase dry goods from the grocery store, pet store, or farmers markets that have holes, rips, or tears in the packaging.
  • After purchasing dry goods, remove them from their original packaging and place them into plastic or glass containers with airtight lids.
  • To keep adult pantry pests out of your home, inspect your home’s exterior walls and seal any holes, gaps, or cracks that are found.
  • Seal any spaces that are found around the air conditioners, pipes, wires, or other utilities that are entering your home.
  • Inspect all window and door screens to make sure that they are completely intact; do not leave windows and doors open for long periods of time.

The professionals at Nozzle Nolen can help keep pantry pests and other summertime pests out of your Florida home by implementing one of our year-round pest control packages. Our team of certified and experienced pest management professionals will help you to maintain a home that is free of pantry pests as well as other common household invaders. To get started protecting your home from invasive and damaging pantry pests, give us a call today and schedule an inspection for your South Florida home!


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