Star Pets of the Week: Axel And Magic

November 6, 2017 Star Pets Of The Week

2.5 year old 70 lb. male mixed breed
10 year old female domestic shorthair

Axel (A0314246) – 2.5-year-old 70 lb. male Mixed Breed

I'm really a young buck at heart.  I'm ready for a new life and to live it to the fullest!  I know my quest isn't too extreme because once I meet my new fur-ever family, they will see a true soul mate-a doggie with the same paws-i-tive "attitude"!  In fact, instead of "Atta Boy", you'll be saying "Atta Dude"!  I'm a cool charmer and as you can see by my face-pretty easy going in the looks department. There will never be a dull day with me around because every day will be a new adventure.

Magic (A3273748) – 10-year-old female Domestic Shorthair

“If you believe in Magic, come along with me. We’ll dance until morning, just you and me.”  Okay, well maybe there won’t be dancing and certainly not all night long. But we can definitely nap until morning, just you and me. I’ll lay on your lap, you’ll pet me until you doze off. I’ll purr my little heart out until I doze off and it will all be just like MAGIC. You see what I did there?...with the song, and my name, and looping it all back around again…you know…to…my name….you get it! Of course, you do! You are a smart human! Anyway, back to my point. Life with me could be just like a fairytale. I’m loving, affectionate and friendly with everyone, and that even includes dogs! So how about it? “And maybe, if the music is right. I’ll meet you tomorrow, sort of late at night.” Just make sure it’s before 6 pm, because that’s when the Adoption Center closes and you’ll have to wait a whole other day to take me home.

Oh yeah, I'm also a Fospice pet. Adopt me and all my routine medical care, food, medication and other supplies will be provided by Peggy Adams Animal Rescue League, free of charge. Meet with an Adoption Coordinator to learn more.

Stop by the Peggy Adams Animal Rescue League to meet this week's pets and while you're there ask us about our Name Your Own Adoption Fee promotion!


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