Star Pets Of The Week: Waldo And Bailey

May 15, 2017 Star Pets Of The Week

white long haired dog with black eyes and ears

Waldo (A0318326) – 5-year-old 17 lb. male Mixed Breed

OK - Where's Waldo? You know it right here at Peggy Adams. You won't need to search too far and wide because once you see me you will fall in love and want to look no further. I'm the sweetest little angel face, so loving and relaxed. Plus, I'm not a barker, really just a licker and a lover. And you've probably never ever seen another doggie that looks like me with my special black and white coat. I would be easy to spot anywhere. But the real reason is that I have the look of love on my face, and sometimes that's hard to find. But not at Peggy Adams, I'm right here waiting for you!

short hair grey cat with white mouth

Bailey (A0098767) – 13-year-old male Domestic Shorthair

Bailey here, I'm an interesting guy!  My tail has tiger stripes that complement the rest of my fur and goes well with my green-yellow eyes. I like to chill out on my own and take awesome cat naps. But after I finish getting my beauty sleep, I would like some attention! Once I'm ready, I'll let you feel my soft fur. How about we find out if we're the purr-fect match for each other?

 I'm a Fospice pet. Adopt me and all my routine medical care, food, medication and other supplies with be provided by Peggy Adams Animal Rescue League, free of charge. Meet with an Adoption Coordinator to learn more.

Stop by the Peggy Adams Animal Rescue League to meet this week's pets and while you're there ask us about our Name Your Own Adoption Fee promotion!

free adoption poster for pests in florida


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