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Star Pets of the Week: Sophia And Luna

February 12, 2018

5 year old 50 lb. female mixed breed dog
6 year old female domestic shorthair cat

Sophia (A0249992) – 5-year-old 50 lb. female Mixed Breed

Hi! My name is Sophia. After a few minutes of checking you out and getting a good sniff of you, you'll see what a silly and smart lady I am! When I say that I'm intelligent, I really mean it. I know my name, how to sit, stay, and even how to hand something over when I'm asked. I'm very attentive and I love learning new things! It's a great way for me to exercise my mind. Do you think maybe you could be my brand new teacher? I'm sure that I could learn lots from you! With lots of play time and training, I'm sure we'll have such a happy life together. Sound good to you? Me too!

I'm a sponsored Dolly's Dream dog. Adopt me and we'll go home together with an ID tag, leash, collar, harness, training crate, dog bed, toys, training treat bag, food and water bowls and 7 months of pet insurance. Wow, huh?! Lots of goodies for you and me, and even a waived adoption fee! Meet with an Adoption Coordinator to learn more.

Luna (A0329369) – 6-year-old female Domestic Shorthair

Luna here, the Great Stroller-Caper! Yes it’s true, I have been known to hijack the bottom compartment of the strollers that come into the shelter. Not only is it a really cool place to hang out because there’s usually some stuff to play with or lay on top of, but also people seem to think it’s pretty amusing so it also gets me plenty of much needed attention. It’s a win-win for me! But of course I’m more than willing to give you attention right back. It is, after all, important to give as much as you receive…right? My calm, loving nature is sure to put your mind at rest after a long day at work. I may like having all four paws on the ground, but I sure am an out of this world girl – my name even says so! Luna is Latin for moon, so how about you get to lovin’ me to the Luna…err, I mean moon and back!

Stop by the Peggy Adams Animal Rescue League to meet this week's pets and while you're there ask us about our Name Your Own Adoption Fee promotion!

poster showing the adoption fees for a cat and a dog


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