Star Pets of the Week: Rex And Smokey

October 9, 2017 Star Pets Of The Week

3 year old 48 lb. male mixed breed dog
7 year old male domestic shorthair cat

Rex (A0312699) – 3-year-old 48 lb. male Mixed Breed

One Fine Canine, that’s what they say about me around here. I’m Rex, I'm proud and strong and I know we'll get along! I'm a great guy with a super personality. I’m a friendly guy but sometimes humans don't see past my rugged, handsome exterior to see this big softie inside! Don’t get me wrong, I love a good romp around the yard and some good ol’ playtime too. I’m still a young buck with plenty of energy to keep you entertained! If you want some excitement in your life along with love and sheer happiness, I'm the boy for you!

Smokey (A0292685) – 7-year-old male Domestic Shorthair

Pssst…hey you, yeah you. Over here…hey, do you think ya can help me break outta this joint? It’s a nice place n’ all, but I gotta tell ya, I’m just not cut out for all this shelter nonsense. All the rules and restrictions - “Smokey you can’t explore the entire shelter.” “Smokey you can’t hog all the attention.” “Smokey you can’t eat all the treats.” It’s pure madness. I’m a free spirit, a cat without borders. So I protest…it is my right, after all. So I ask you again, can ya help me get outta here? They say the only way is to adopt me. I’m not one to live inside a box, but I’m definitely willing to go for a ride in one temporarily if it means I’m going home with ya. So what’ya say? Be my accomplice, set this jailbird free…let’s blow this joint!

Stop by the Peggy Adams Animal Rescue League to meet this week's pets and while you're there ask us about our Name Your Own Adoption Fee promotion!


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