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Spring Is Here In West Boca And So Are The Mosquitoes

March 27, 2018

Spring is here and so are the spring showers. With more rain comes…can you guess it? That’s right, more breeding sites for mosquitoes. Mosquitoes are one of the biggest pest pressures we face in South Florida, especially in the West Boca area. Enjoying the Florida spring, pest free, is important. That’s why everyone should take the necessary actions in protecting their homes against mosquitoes.

mosquito bite up close

Did you know that mosquitoes will generally stay within a couple hundred feet from where they were hatched? This means that if you are seeing mosquitoes in your beautiful West Boca yard, a mosquito breeding ground most-likely is near.

The start of mosquito season typically starts in April. When the rain begins this spring, the mosquitoes will be ready to start doing what they do best. An abundance of mosquitoes in a concentrated area gives rise to an increase in health risks like the many diseases that these types of mosquitoes carry. It is better to start a mosquito treatment before the season starts in order to prevent any problems from arising down the road.

How to Prevent Mosquitoes in West Boca

Pre-Mosquito Season

  • The number one tip to prevent mosquitoes is always to remove the standing water around your home. This means consistently removing excess water from pots and other empty containers, pools

    and pool covers, as well as replacing water from birdbaths often.

  • Clean clogged gutters. This also removes excess water and prevents moisture build up around your home.

  • Inspect your home and repair any damaged screens you see on doors or windows.

  • Repairing cracks and leaks is important for reducing moisture as well as removing any entry points.

During Mosquito Season

  • Using a fan while having outside gatherings is something that will be useful. Mosquitoes are not very good flyers and it will be difficult to get past that man-made wind.

  • When you are outside, wear long-sleeved shirts and pants to protect yourself from getting bit.

  • Use repellents that are EPA approved. The main ingredients should include DEET and Picaridin.

  • Cover any items that might collect water during rainfall.

  • Take the time to dry up any areas that might collect rain after a storm.

Mosquitoes in the West Boca area only need as little as half an inch of water to begin breeding, and no one really wants to bundle up in long sleeve clothing when the weather is beautiful, and the sun is shining. The best long-term protection for you and your family is to hire a professional and use a mosquito control program. It’s time to enjoy everything West Boca has to offer without worrying about the dangers of mosquitoes. Contact us today to get a free inspection and start your mosquito program today!


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