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Spiders Found In Lake Worth

June 28, 2018

There are many spider threats in the Lake Worth area. Spiders serve an important ecological purpose in nature, but can become a threat when allowed in human settlements. Spiders living in your home and on your property can cause many problems, ranging from a mere annoyance to presenting serious and dangerous health risks. In the best case scenario, they are just a nuisance pest, building webs to catch the other invading insects that may have drawn them to your home; however, in the worst case scenario, venomous spiders can and will bite, and those bites can be deadly!

black widow spider up close

Nuisance Spiders

There are several species of invasive spiders in Florida, including daddy long-legs, house spiders, spiny orb weavers, and wolf spiders. These spiders are not dangerous in the sense that they bite or inflict harm on humans; the problem with these types of spiders is that their webs and nests attract other pests. Finding these pests inside your home is also an indication that your home has unsealed areas that are allowing pests in, including spiders. Let’s face it, spiders are just plain creepy. Who really wants them in their home?

Dangerous Spiders

The more concerning issue in the Lake Worth area is the spiders that bite and inflict pain on their human victims. Banana spiders do not come indoors often, but can be found on South Florida properties; while not poisonous, their bite can be very painful. Southern black widow spider bites pack a powerful punch. Their venom can be toxic to humans; if bitten, medical attention should be sought immediately. Another dangerous spider that people should watch out for is the brown recluse. While this species is not native to the South Florida area, the constant stream of tourists to this area can bring these harmful spiders with them. The bite of a brown recluse is very painful and can cause a negative reaction in humans.  Again, this type of bite should be evaluated and treated by a medical professional.

Getting Rid of Spiders in your Lake Worth Home

Rather than trying to decide whether or not the spiders you are dealing with are dangerous or not, why not just get rid of them completely? It makes life a lot more pleasant for your entire family to not have to worry about dangerous spiders. The professionals at Nozzle Nolen Pest Solutions can help you select a year-round pest control plan that is best for your property. We’ll come out to do an initial inspection to determine which pests are problematic on your property. Then you can choose one of our service plans or a specific course of treatment for your home to effectively eliminate those pests. You can count on Nozzle Nolen to rid your home and property from both dangerous and nuisance spiders! In no time, those creepy, crawly spiders and their nasty webs will be a distant memory. 


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