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Should I Still Be Worried About Bees and Wasps Around My Tequesta Lawn?

September 18, 2018

While most of the rest of the U.S. is experiencing fall, the temperatures here in South Florida are still like summer. So don't expect bees and wasps to be taking a break any time soon. Stinging pests can be a serious problem most of the year. They can invade your outdoor activities, attack you while you're mowing, swarm you when you go into a shed, surprise you when you're in the garage, invade a bedroom, and more. And, when you come in contact with a stinging pest, it can lead to painful welts, or worse.

wasp on a wasp nest

Of all the bees and wasps we have in Florida, yellow jackets are one of the most aggressive, even in September. That is why we commonly write articles about how to avoid yellow jacket stings. Take a look at this resource to help you avoid unwanted contact with these bad-tempered wasps in late summer and throughout the fall months.

Another dangerous stinging pest is the Africanized honey bee. Being a honey bee puts this pest into a unique category because honey bees are federally protected insects due to their importance as pollinators. Some scientists believe that bee populations are dying out, which is a serious cause for concern. If you're seeing bees on your property, follow this link to learn why it is important to call a professional.

When wasps attempt to establish themselves on your property, you may be able to quickly deal with them on your own. Paper wasps, in particular, can be discouraged if you use a broom to get rid of developing nests. Those are those grey umbrella-looking structures that eventually turn into big grey egg-like nests. Here is a resource that has all kinds of great tips for protecting yourself and others from stinging pests.

The best way to deal with the threat of stinging pests is to have a year-round pest control plan for your Tequesta home. Pest control isn't just for making life in your home and in your yard more comfortable, it is essential protection from stinging, biting, venomous pests. It also safeguards the health of you, your family, your pets, your belongings, and your equity from bugs, rodents, and other wildlife. Go here to get started. We have plans that start as low as $30 a month.


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