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Rodents and Jupiter Homes Near the Water

February 8, 2017

mouse hiding in jupiter home

Rodents are some of the scariest and nastiest creatures that can invade a residential home or business. They creatures that are hard to love, with their beady eyes, hairless tails and insatiable chewing. They are not nice to look at. But more importantly, they can cause serious problems for you and your home. Commercial buildings and residential homes prove to have easy access points for the furry little rodents. Rodents can cause serious damage to your house or building, costing you an enormous amount of money. They hit you where it really hurts: the wallet. So why should homeowners and businesses be afraid of an invasion? Let me explain.

Homes and businesses near the ocean should be concerned about rodents, especially during winter. Rodents have many natural predators such as reptiles, other mammals; particularly birds. As the weather begins to get cold, all types of birds migrate south to the warmer weather. This includes predator birds such as hawks. The increase in the number of predators in the area, plus the cooler weather, forces rodents to seek warmth and shelter. This “shelter,” aka your home or business, is where the rodents will end up. So, this is why rodents invade your space, but why are houses and businesses near the water more likely to see rodent activity?

As most of you probably know, the ocean can be very destructive. With hurricanes, rip tides and typhoons, the list is endless. But even when there is no storm happening, damage is still being done. The salt water carried inland by the wind can be very destructive for a home. The salt water can rust metal and rot wood quickly and relentlessly. This by itself can cost you a lot of money. The damage caused by the salt water weakens a house's structure, thus allowing more entry points for rodents. Houses already have many possible entry points for rodents such as water pipes, electrical lines, and exhaust vents. Many homes just have holes in the foundation allowing easy access. When the salt water rusts metal or rots wood, it can cause holes in those materials or weaken them to the point that a rodent can break through.

Rodents can cause serious problems for a house by harming the foundation, destroying the wiring in the house and wreaking havoc with the plumbing. They are also a health concern as rodents can carry many diseases and their feces can also be detrimental to a person’s health. So if you think you might have a rodent problem, call the professionals at Nozzle Nolen right away. They offer free estimates and treatments such as rodent trapping, removal and sterilization of rodent feces, and replacement of contaminated insulation. They also offer programs to prevent rodent infestations such as their rodent monitoring program and sealing of rodent access points. They will get done the job done quickly and effectively.



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