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Protecting Your Home From Termite Damage

May 11, 2018

Would you know a termite if you saw one? Here's a better question: Are you likely to ever see one? When it comes to protecting property from termite damage in South Florida, the second question is far more important than the first. Here's why:

termites up close

We could go on and on about what termites look like and how to detect them but the truth is that detecting termites is extremely difficult even when you know what you're looking for.

  • You may be aware that termite swarmers are the only termite you're likely to see because it is the only termite that doesn't have to protect itself from the drying effects of the air and sun, but termite swarmers don't stay visible for long. Swarms may only last for a few hours. After that, those swarmers are busy creating new nests in places you can't see.

  • You may already know that termite swarmers don't last long and that they shed their wings after they mate. So you might be looking for white wings on window sills or your back porch, just in case you missed the swarm. But numerous shed wings on window sills is not a sign you ever want to see. This doesn't happen unless lots of swarmers are crawling around on your home and, if lots of swarmers are crawling on your home, it is a sign of a current, mature infestation on your property. When swarmers come to establish a nest for the first time, you're not likely to see them because the queen and her king will have left their swarm behind.

  • You may know that termite workers must create mud tubes on foundation walls to get up to the wood of your home. This is certainly good to know. But termite workers don't make it easy for you to find their mud tubes. They make these tubes because they die when they get dry. So they are prone to making these tubes in shaded locations that are out of view. If they do this under a structure you can't get under, you're in trouble.

Termites are sneaky. You may know a termite if you saw one and you may know some things about termites that can help you detect their presence in your home, but detecting termites isn't easy, even for a professional. That is why professionals use products that make detection more obvious or install systems that work to eliminate colonies on their own between visits from a pest management professional.

If you own property in South Florida, you should have termite protection you can trust. Florida is home to the most destructive termites in the United States. Don't let sneaky, wood-destroying insects eat your equity, reach out to Nozzle Nolen today to get your termite control system in place.


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