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Protect Your Boat With Pest Control Services

August 23, 2017

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You would think that a boat would be one of the most pest resistant locations on the planet. There is no ground underneath, no weeds and vegetation around it, and all of the wood is usually stained or treated. But, there are a number of pests that get onto boats and cause issues. Fortunately, Nozzle Nolen specializes in boat pest control. Whether you own a dinghy or a yacht, we can help you deal with onboard insects. Here are a few of the pests we can help eliminate.


On land, subterranean termites are king, causing the lion's share of property damage nationwide each year. When it comes to boats, drywood termites reign supreme. Drywood termites don't come up from the soil to attack; they fly in and establish themselves in hardwood. On a yacht or boat, these pests can lead to catastrophic damage.


One of the many ways cockroaches get into homes and businesses is by having someone carry them in. Sometimes they are carried inside bags and boxes. Sometimes they ride in on the sole of a sneaker. Some cockroach species carry their eggs on their backs. When stepped on, those eggs can be carried to other locations. And, since cockroach eggs don't need the mother to hatch, they can start an infestation wherever they are transported to--even a boat.

Bed Bugs

This is another hitchhiking pest. Bed bug infestations are spread to boats the same way they are spread to homes and businesses. Eggs or bugs are brought onboard inside used furniture, in the seams of bags, on clothing, in boxes, in luggage, and more. Once inside, bed bugs will hide in mattresses, upholstered furniture, electronics, and many other items that are near bed or lounge areas.

You might wonder how a boat could get a spider infestation, but there are actually several ways spiders can get on a boat. They ride inside boxes and other items like those cockroaches and bed bugs do. They can be brought onboard in firewood and other wood items.

Whatever reason you're yacht or boat has developed a pest problem, no worries. Nozzle Nolen has boat pest control treatment options to get things back in order and keep them that way. For more information, or to set up service, reach out to us today. 


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