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Problems Caused By an Active Hive

July 24, 2019

When it comes to situations that warrant a call to a pest control company, most people imagine a termite infestation, rodent invasion, and an army of bed bugs. Bees are also a common pest control request, and there is no denying that an infestation can cause serious problems for your property. Here is a closer look at how a bee invasion can damage your home.

The threat to your home begins the moment bees decide to take residence in your external walls. Bees will eat away at your wall’s internal materials to make more room for their expanding hive. As they gnaw away at the insulation and moisture barrier, your home’s energy efficiency falls and leakage risk increases. If left unchecked, the bees can eventually chew through the surface of the wall itself, releasing the hive into the house. 

When yellow jackets, hornets, wasps, and carpenter bees feel threatened, they won’t hesitate to sting. If they live in a close proximity to your family, such incidents become far more likely. The honey produced by a hive can also attract mice and other pests that are searching for food.

Potential Threats of an Abandoned Hive

Your problems aren’t solved if the bees abandon their hive. Their honey will be left behind, and it will eventually ooze into your walls and ceilings. In addition to causing unsightly stains, the sticky substance will facilitate mold growth and dry rot. This can cause extensive and expensive structural damage.

An abandoned hive is also the perfect breeding and nesting site for wax moths. These moths are attracted to the wax of the hive and usually only appear after the hive has been emptied. They tunnel through their newfound home and create a safe place for laying their eggs. New hatchlings will eat through surrounding wood, which can result in additional damage to your home.

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