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Prevent Cockroaches From Invading Your Port St. Lucie Home This Summer

June 26, 2018

Are you fed up with cockroaches in your Port St. Lucie home or business? Have you seen these disturbing creatures scaling walls, racing across ceilings, crawling out of food packages? Whether you see just one, or a hundred at a time, cockroaches can be a very distressing pest to have to deal with. But there are things that you as a home or business owner can do to keep them out of your structure.

cockroach in port st. lucie home

Why Is Port St. Lucie Such A Haven For Roaches?

Before digging into what will keep roaches out, let's take a look at why roaches are so abundant in South Florida. When the weather is cold, cockroaches slow down. The fact is, cockroaches thrive in warmer temperatures, and where there is plenty of moisture. And we here in the Sunshine State have plenty of those two things!

Roaches are cold-blooded creatures, which means that they can't regulate their own internal body temperature. So, they cannot survive if it is either too hot or too cold. Most cockroach species will die if temperatures climb above 115, or below 0 degrees Fahrenheit, for a prolonged period of time. And, when temperatures drop below 45 degrees for a long period, they are likely to stop reproducing. So here in sunny Florida, cockroaches barely ever slow down.

Common Cockroach Invaders In This Region

American Cockroaches: These roaches are reddish brown and have a yellowish outline on the back of their head. They have wings, and both males and females are able to fly. Adult American cockroaches grow to be around 2 inches in length, making them the largest roaches you will find inside homes and businesses. Some people refer to this species of cockroach as a palmetto bug, but any bug that hides under palmetto fronds can be considered a palmetto bug.  

German Cockroaches: These roaches are tan to light brown and have long antennae. They measure around ½ to ⅝ of an inch in length and have dark parallel lines stretching from the back of their heads to their wings. Although they have wings, they are not able to fly. This cockroach is the most established roach in the world, partly due to its preference for living inside man-made structures. It is also the smallest cockroach that enters homes and businesses. And newly hatched German cockroaches are so small they can fit through the hole of a wall outlet. Good luck keeping those out!

Oriental Cockroaches: These roaches are black, smooth and shiny, and grow to be around 1 inch long. The female has a wide body but the male is more narrow. These also have wings but are not able to fly. Oriental cockroaches can often be identified by the foul, musty odor they emit.

Smokey Brown Cockroaches: These roaches are a uniform dark brown color with wings that extend out past their bodies. They grow to be around 1 ½ inches long and look similar to American cockroaches. Male and female smokey brown cockroaches are both excellent fliers but they only fly on hot days.

Why Professional Year-Round Pest Control Is Essential

We probably don't have to tell you that cockroaches are highly mobile. They can climb a wall at full speed and run across a ceiling almost as fast. But, along with their climbing ability, cockroaches are able to compact their bodies to squeeze through very tight spaces. It is extremely difficult to keep them out by just sealing exterior walls and foundations. For complete exclusion, a use of insecticide is required. Treatments are best applied by an educated and experienced pest management professional.

For Port St. Lucie residential and commercial pest management you can count on, Nozzle Nolen is the way to go. We're the ONLY pest control company in South Florida that is Green Shield Certified. That means you'll be given smarter, green solutions for your home or business, every time. And with the name "Nozzle" you get pest control experience dating back to 1937. If you're ready to be cockroach-free, take the next step and request a free inspection or evaluation. We'll identify the pests that are "bugging" you. And give you real solutions to keep those pests out.


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