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Post-Hurricane Irma Pest Control For WPB

September 25, 2017

When preparing for a hurricane we board up our homes, we make sure we have food and water, and we hope the least amount of damage occurs. But some damage may not occur during the storm, but after. When the storm has passed we wait for the power to come back on, we clean up all the debris outside, but what we don’t do is stop to think if the real looters are still inside. Hurricanes can bring in many pests in a variety of ways. From broken or fallen down trees, rainfall, to damage from winds, each is an opportunity for one of these pests to take shelter in your home.

Rodents, just like humans, need the same three necessities. Always looking for food, shelter, and water; your home makes the perfect stay for rodents during and after a hurricane. Roof rats in South Florida in particular, usually nest higher up in trees or in wood piles. During a hurricane, if the winds are strong enough to knock down the trees near or on your house, it creates the perfect opportunity for that little rat to run right into your home. Keep in mind, they can get into very tiny spaces, even if your home is boarded up. When preparing for the storm, we are stacking our cupboards, pantries, and refrigerators with snacks and water which is creating an even more ideal stay for those rodents. They’ve found just what they’re looking for!

When trees fall over, insects like ants have to move out, and if the tree has fallen close to your roof or has left vegetation leaning over your home, it is like an invitation for the ants to you enter your home. Ants are looking for water and if your home as any water damage like leaking roofs, the moisture in your home will be attractive to those ants.

Moisture will also be attractive to termites! Just imagine your power is out so you have no air conditioning. Next, imagine that there has been so much rainfall and strong winds that you now have a leak or water damage to your roof, maybe you don’t even notice. Now there are piles of wood around your home and parts of trees right on your roof. Can you guess who’s going to take shelter in your home? That’s right, termites. The moisture that is now in your home and the access to water will bring in those termites, as they start their damage right away.

Hurricanes bring rain, rain brings a lot of water, and a lot of water brings mosquitoes. With the flooding that occurs, there are many areas that have acquired still water. These places will be a prime location for mosquitoes to lay their eggs. It’s important to check around your home for areas in your yard that may have stored up that stormwater. Empty containers that you may have left outside, if you used a tarp to cover a grill, piles of wood, etc. you should remove it so that any pools of water are released and then tighten it back up.

If you need help with post-hurricane pests in West Palm Beach, Delray Beach, or elsewhere in South Florida,  please contact us today for a free inspection. Don’t let the aftermath of a hurricane keep your home in danger.


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