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Pests in Paradise

June 17, 2016

large black carpenter ant in jupiter fl

I don’t have to tell you that every time I drive over the US-1 drawbridge and look out onto the Jupiter Inlet and see the Jupiter Lighthouse reflected in the clear, blue water that I feel like I live in paradise. We all share that feeling. As far as I’m concerned, Jupiter, Florida is one of the best places on Earth. Where else in the world can you drive your truck through the mud or kayak in a historical river and kite board or stand-up paddleboard in the Atlantic all in the same day? Only in Jupiter. Jupiter has big city entertainment without the big city feel. It’s low key. It’s a great place to grow up and start your own family. We have great schools, great clubs, and tons of small businesses that support our Jupiter lifestyles. We live like Southern Californians but don’t pay the high taxes. We welcome all walks of life. Some of us are old and eat dinner at 4pm. We have places for that. Some of us are vegan and live off wheat-grass juice. We have places for that. Some of us are used to the NY and NJ nightlife. We have places for that. Jupiter is an up-and-coming South Florida destination that has it all…including bugs and rodents!

The year-round, warm and sunny weather that attracts us to South Florida is also attracting all kinds of pests. And while there’s an inevitable bit of coexisting between the pests and us that we must endure, we shouldn’t have to settle for sharing the inside of our homes! As mentioned in my last blog, pest control in South Florida is a battle that you can’t win on your own. You wouldn’t go into a battle in ISIS territory without modern warfare weapons. So in an extremely less-intense scenario, why would you bring DIY remedies into a complex and overwhelming practice like Florida pest control? There’s just too many types of pests, too many nesting seasons, too many food sources for any one person to keep track of and treat accordingly. Leave that up to the pest professional…it’s their job!

Recently in Jupiter, we have seen swarms of carpenter ants as well as an increase in rodent populations. Carpenter ants can be just as destructive as termites to wooden structures…but that’s only in the northern U.S. Florida Carpenter ants are different. Whereas northern carpenter ants will nest and excavate under your wooden structure, Florida Carpenter ants will only burrow in already-destroyed, moist wood. But although they aren’t as destructive to wooden structures, they are still a nuisance pest. If they find a way to get in, they will swarm all over your house and trail into your kitchen!

Rodents are a little more concerning as they can be a hazard to you and your family’s health. Rodents will nest in garbage and other nasty places and the germs that they’ve picked up, they will track into your home. Also, they are known to carry parasites like ticks, which can possibly spread the rodents’ diseases to your family and pets.

If you are like me and are “living the life” in Jupiter, make sure you take the proper precautions to keep the good times rolling by protecting your home, family, and pets against the “pests in paradise.” Call a professional pest control company for a free inspection and a plan of action!


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