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Pest Control In Pahokee, FL

June 16, 2018

Pahokee, close in proximity to Lake Okeechobee, has the warm and sunny weather that everyone loves. Representing the typical South Florida environment, drawbacks like wet soil and humidity are also present. These environmental circumstances lead to a perfect habitat for pests that can be bothersome and damaging to homeowners and businesses. Pests are common in all South Florida areas, so the questions for homeowners has always been: “Do I need pest control service when I can just do it myself?”

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Some people can use DIY tips and tricks that work for them and keep their home pest-free. They can successfully seal up all cracks, have the cleanest home in the neighborhood, and even put oils out that keep the ants away. These people can implement all of this and more, but can still find themselves dealing with some sort of ongoing pest issue. That is because, in general, pests in South Florida are relentless. And they also don’t discriminate between invading a home that does it all right and a home that does it all wrong.

A termite, bed bug, rodent, or mosquito issue can spring on you at any given time. Even if you haven’t had a problem with these pests in the past, it’s better to use preventative treatments instead of waiting until you have a severe problem.

Examples of relentless pests:

  • Termites - Sometimes you may not be able to tell that there are termites in your home until there is damage already done. Getting a yearly inspection and preventative treatments will reduce the chances of your home getting a termite infestation.
  • Mosquitoes - Using a mosquito control program can keep your family and pets safe from potential risk of disease. With the rain and moisture in Pahokee, mosquitoes have the perfect breeding grounds. If you’ve never had a problem with mosquitoes in your yard a control program can keep it that way.
  • Bed bugs - Bed bugs can become a serious problem if not taken care of right away. Professional treatment is the only effective way to completely get rid of bed bugs.

For these relentless pests that you might not have seen coming, Nozzle Nolen provides year-round pest solutions. So if you do happen to come in contact with termites, mosquitoes, or bed bugs, there is an effective and easy solution just for you.


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