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Palm Springs Pests: What You Should Know

June 7, 2018

South Florida has a year-round subtropical climate that’s perfect for its residents and its visitors. Unfortunately, this climate also produces the best home for a large number of pests. But the good thing that comes out of this situation is that Nozzle Nolen is just around the corner for year-round pest control solutions just for you.

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Even though Palm Springs has year-round pest problems, there are some spring pests that are causing major issues for residents. Some of these pests include termites, mosquitoes, and lawn pests.

What You Should Know

Mosquitoes are a large problem due to the amount of rain that we are currently experiencing. Mosquitoes carry a number of diseases and can be difficult to get rid of with just some DIY tips, even though they can be helpful when trying to prevent mosquitoes. You can see mosquito control tips here. Mosquitoes do not travel very far from their breeding sites, so your yard may be at risk if your neighbors are also seeing mosquitoes around their homes.

Termites are another pest on the prowl. Even though termites are a year-round problem, the spring poses an even bigger threat because the swarming activity is increasing. As a Florida homeowner, it’s important to know the damage that termites can cause, how to identify termites and ways you can prevent them because damage can become costly very quickly.  Neither termite damage nor treatments are covered by homeowner’s insurance.

With large amounts of rain and humidity, Palm Springs is also seeing an increase in lawn pests. With heavy soil and fresh grass pests like grubs, chinch bugs, and sod webworms start to feed on your lawn. Lawn pests feed on the fresh grass and block the nutrients the grass needs to grow. It’s important to know how the lawn pests affect your lawn. If you see dead grass and try to over water, it may lead to weeds, creating a double problem for you.

How Nozzle Nolen Can Help

If you feel that you are having trouble with pests in or around your home, or you just need some extra protection, call us today for a free inspection. Our professionals will do an extensive inspection and determine what the best solution is for your pest problem. Whether it’s a solution for termites, mosquitoes, or lawn pests, our professionals will provide you with treatments that guarantee results and are green and environmentally friendly.


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