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Neighborhood Termites

February 10, 2017

termite swarmer in southern florida

We heard a story recently from a friend about their neighbor who found some damage to their ceiling that they first thought was caused by water. The drywall had sagged a bit and turned a yellowish color; but when they took a closer look, the ceiling was as dry as the day they put it up. Concerned, the homeowner had a contractor take a look and what they found was far worse than a leaky roof. The contractor discovered an extensive amount of expensive termite damage in the walls, the floors, and down into the very foundation of the home. Not only will this homeowner have to pay to have the termites eliminated; but after the termites are gone, they will deal with the damage for months. It is a very expensive lesson to have to learn about year-round termite control.

In suburban neighborhoods where the homes are fit in a bit snug, it is important to realize that if one house finds a termite infestation, there is a very good chance that the houses on either side have them as well. The termite can easily travel 100 yards looking for food. A large termite population will generally split off into satellite nests far away from the original in search of new cellulose-based substances to dine on. That means any plant-based building material like wood, drywall, wallpaper, etc. is on the menu.

Most homeowners have no idea how much danger their home is in because of termites. Without periodic treatment and inspections, the only real way to know that termites have invaded your home is to see the damage that they have left in their wake. A homeowner might see holes where termites have tunneled into the wooden beams, wallpaper coming away from the wall, or even the sagging ceiling mentioned earlier before they realize that termites have been quietly eating them out of house and home.

Protect your home from the termites that could easily invade your neighborhood. Nozzle Nolen offers a free inspection process to make sure that no termites are currently residing in your home. If there are termites, our professional staff will work with you to make sure that we take care of them quickly and efficiently with one of our customized treatment plans. Then, we can prevent any future infestations with a prevention plan that is guaranteed for up to one year. Nozzle Nolen is proud to service South Florida and the surrounding area with fast, effective solutions that are safe and that help curb the damaging effects of termites. Give us a call today.


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