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Mosquitoes Still Buzzing Around Tequesta

August 21, 2018

Tequesta is a hotbed for mosquito activity! The temperate climate and the high humidity levels provide those mosquitoes exactly what they need thrive at peak efficiency, and the reservoirs of still water left by tropical and subtropical storms give them the resources they need to grow their populations rather quickly. In addition, since mosquito eggs can hatch in temperatures as low as 50°F, mosquitoes can remain active all year long in Tequesta! This is bad news for anyone who wants to throw a backyard event or just get outside and enjoy the warm, summer weather. While there are many ways to get rid of mosquitoes, there is no way to get rid of them all!

technician performing mosquito service in tequesta

If all mosquitoes did was leave itchy bites on us, that would be reason enough to want them all eliminated! However, these biting pests also spread diseases and are considered a serious threat in South Florida. Mosquitoes are vectors for West Nile virus, dengue fever, Zika virus, malaria, Chikungunya virus, yellow fever, and several forms of encephalitis.

What's a Tequesta resident to do?

There are actually many things you can do to reduce and deter mosquitoes on your property. Here are a few of them:

  • Look for any objects in your yard that could act as a container for rainwater and address it. It only takes an inch of still water for mosquitoes to develop from egg to adult. Some items will need to be stored away while other objects can be altered to allow rainwater to leak out of them and soak into the ground.

  • If you have a kiddie pool, consider turning it over when it isn't being used.

  • If you have an immovable still water resource in your yard, like a birdbath, you can prevent mosquitoes from breeding by emptying it once a week. It takes more than seven days for mosquitoes to fully develop.

  • Mosquitoes hide in shaded areas during the day. The more shade your yard provides, the more interesting it will be to mosquitoes, so eliminating areas of shade by trimming back overgrown trees, bushes, and other foliage may help to deter them.

  • Mosquitoes are moisture-seeking pests. If shaded areas are moist or humid, they will be more attractive to mosquitoes. Check the exterior of your home for leaky spigots, obstructions in your gutter system, compacted ground that allows water accumulation, and other conditions that can create still-water breeding sources.

  • Mosquitoes actually need sugar more than they need blood. One of the places mosquitoes get sugar is from plant nectar. The more flowers you have, the more interesting your property will be to mosquitoes. If you're able to reduce flowers or flowering plants, you can have an impact on the mosquito populations around your yard.

  • There are some plants that repel mosquitoes. While they don't work to keep mosquitoes out of your yard, these plants can help make the hiding places in your landscaping less desirable to mosquitoes. Try planting some citronella, lavender, rosemary, or scented geraniums near your ornamental plants.

  • If you have a bug zapper, consider retiring it. While bug zappers are great for drawing mosquitoes in, they are only effective at killing male (non-biting) mosquitoes.

The Best Way To Control Mosquitoes

When you are being bitten by mosquitoes in your yard, there is something you should think about: mosquitoes don't usually travel more than 300 yards in their entire life. That means those mosquitoes probably hatched right in your yard or in your neighbor's yard. This is why professional mosquito control can work to make yards nearly mosquito-free. When mosquitoes come into your yard and die in resting places, it takes time for new mosquitoes to replace them. And, when a new mosquito comes to replace the old one, guess what? They’ll be eliminated as well!

If you've never tried mosquito control services, give it shot! You may find yourself returning year after year as mosquito control can make a big difference.

Mosquito control is also great for getting your yard ready for a big outdoor event such as a wedding reception, bar mitzvah, family reunion, birthday party, or cookout. No matter what you're gathering together to do, it will be a lot more fun without mosquitoes biting you! And your guests will be glad to know that you've taken measures to prevent mosquito-borne viruses.

Nozzle Nolen is an industry leader in residential and commercial pest control. When it comes to mosquito reduction, you can trust the award-winning, QualityPro-Certified team at Nozzle Nolen! Contact us to learn more.


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