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Mosquito Prevention Tips

May 31, 2017

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Ugh! Mosquitoes! They are an inevitable part of living in South Florida. We've all had our share of bites. And there is a pretty good chance we've all laughed at the signs that say, "Mosquito Alert, wear long sleeves and long pants." Not only is it impractical to wear a long-sleeved shirt on a 98-degree day, those mosquitoes can bite through many of the long-sleeved shirts we would consider wearing on a hot day. Here are some tips that should help you a little more than those signs.

How To Avoid Mosquito Bites When You Go Somewhere

  • Mosquito repellent is the number one way to prevent bites but, as you are probably aware, you can get bites even if you've put repellent on. The trick is, putting it everywhere mosquitoes can bite you, including your clothing. As mentioned above, mosquitoes can get you through the fabric of your clothing. Be sure to spray repellent on your clothing, for added protection.

  • Mosquitoes are active in the morning and evening. If you go out at these times, you have a higher risk of being bitten. Avoiding mosquitoes is the best way to avoid bites.

  • Mosquitoes breed in still water and rarely travel more than 300 yards from where they were hatched. If you go somewhere that is near marshes, swamps, or wetlands, you can expect to get more mosquito bites, no matter what you do to prevent them. Keeping this in mind can help you avoid bites.

  • Studies have shown that consuming alcohol makes people more attractive to mosquitoes. It pays to be the designated driver.

  • Mosquitoes use silhouettes to zero in on their victims. If you wear light-colored clothing, you will make yourself less of a target for mosquitoes.

How To Avoid Mosquito Bites In Your Backyard

  • Reducing standing water in your yard will go a long way toward reducing mosquitoes in your yard.

  • Removing plants that attract mosquitoes helps quite a bit.

  • If you have a bug zapper, you should be aware that, while a zapper is great for luring mosquitoes onto your property, it does very little to kill female (biting) mosquitoes.

  • If you don't have a breeze, create one. Fans are a great, natural, solution for avoiding mosquito bites.

If you live in our service area, remember that Nozzle Nolen provides mosquito reduction services. Since mosquitoes don't generally travel more than 300 yards from their birth site, many of our customers really notice the difference. See for yourself. Reach out to us today to schedule service for your yard.


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