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Meet The Spiders That Call Port St. Lucie Home

July 31, 2018

There are many spiders that call Port St. Lucie their home. Spiny orb weaver spiders and zipper spiders hang out in our gardens and in landscape vegetation while wolf spiders explore the landscaping around our foundations and find their way into our sheds, garages, and sometimes even into our homes. Several species of cellar spiders enjoy the dark, moist environment found in our basements while other native Florida spiders love to creating their webs in the corner of our homes and on our ceilings. Brown recluse spiders infest attic spaces and other secluded locations inside our homes and black widow spiders can often be found hiding in piles of brush, under rocks, and in the shaded areas of our yards. We have many different pest spiders in Port St. Lucie as the warm climate in our area allows them to thrive. However, there is another reason besides the weather that spiders love Port St. Lucie and it can actually shed some light on the issue of spider infestations!

brown recluse spider in basement

Spiders tend to live near humans and, since there are a lot of humans in Port St. Lucie, there are also a lot of spiders. Why do spiders like us so much? This is mostly due to the fact that we attract many of the bugs that spiders feed on. Some people consider spiders beneficial to have around because they reduce the populations of other bugs and, to a certain extent, they actually are; when spiders are properly managed, they can be an essential part of an effective pest control barrier. However, spiders will not do as thorough of a job as a pest professional will, and are also problematic and potentially dangerous pests themselves!

If you have spiders establishing webs around the outside of your home, you'll have fewer mosquitoes, but you'll still have a lot of mosquitoes. A pest management professional addresses breedings site and does routine misting applications in locations mosquitoes hide, which not only significantly reduces mosquitoes on your property, but also reduces mosquitoes around your property as well, creating a buffer zone against them.

If you have spiders on your property, they're going to eat cockroaches, but the point is, they aren’t going to eat ALL the cockroaches; you will still have roaches finding entry points in your exterior walls and growing populations in your home. Worse still, the spiders will follow the cockroaches into your home and add to your pest problems! Don't trust spiders to keep your home safe from pests. That is a job for a pest control professional.

An effective pest control program will reduce bugs and make your yard less inviting to spiders, helping to keep spiders where they belong: outdoors! At Nozzle Nolen, we provide the services needed to identify the spiders living in your home and eliminate them and the pests that attract them! To learn more about how our home pest control plans can protect your Port St. Lucie home from spider infestations, contact us at Nozzle Nolen in South Florida!


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