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Meet The Common Spiders Of Tequesta

May 16, 2018

Spiders in Tequesta make great neighbors but horrible houseguests. There is no doubt that it is good to have spiders around. Spiders are predators that prey on many harmful bugs such as mosquitoes and cockroaches. But, when spiders get inside, they can create problems. Here are some of the common spiders we have in Tequesta and a few of the problems they can present.

black widow spider up close

Wolf Spiders

With a name like wolf spider, you would expect this spider to be a serious threat but, apart from being creepy to look at and having the ability to cause a slightly painful bite, these spiders are mostly harmless to humans. They establish themselves in holes and do not spin webs to catch prey.

Daddy Long-Legs

This is another nuisance spider we see a lot of in Tequesta. They prefer garages and basements and can be found in leaf litter or the trunks of trees. They are great to have outside a home, especially if you have a garden because daddy long-legs eat aphids. But, inside the house, they are creepy to have around. But at least you won't have to worry about webs with these spiders. They don't have the ability to spin silk. If you see a daddy long-legs in a web, it is only because it was captured by another spider.

Brown Recluse Spider

This is a spider that needs no introduction. They are renowned for their venom which is able to cause necrosis. What you may not know is that brown recluse can live quite nicely inside man-made structures. In fact, they prefer to.

Black Widow Spider

Though you're not likely to die, some people say that a bite from this spider will make you wish you were dead. The black widow spider has a powerful venom. You're likely to find black widows in brush piles and other shaded locations that have natural debris.

Spider Control

In spring, bugs become more active and begin to grow their populations. As they do, the population of spiders will grow in your yard. If you'd prefer to not have those spiders in your Tequesta home, you'll need to manage those "sometimes beneficial" creatures. The best way to do this is to partner with a pest management professional. Professionals know a wide range of methods to help you stop spiders from entering your home.

To learn more about spiders in South Florida or to request a free inspection, give us a call today. No Florida home should ever be without year-round pest control service. It is vital protection for health and property, especially in a state teeming with exotic life.


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