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Keys to Keeping Fruit Flies out of Your Lake Worth Home

May 31, 2018

If you’ve ever had a fruit fly invasion of your home you might think you’ll never be rid of them. These pesky little critters seem to just multiply and persist no matter how hard you try to get rid of them. Fruit flies are very common in Lake Worth in the spring because they like warm wet areas and fruits and veggies which are plentiful this time of year. Fruit flies may seem like nothing but a nuisance, but they can be a costly pest and can transmit bacteria.  

fruit flies on banana

Fruit flies like sweet, sticky, ripe or fermented fruits and veggies as well as other organic matter. You’ll often find them hovering around fruit bowls on the counter, buzzing around your bananas, or coming out of your bread box. This can get costly as they eat and contaminate your produce, costing you money in ruined fruits and vegetables. As they also like to hang out near organic matter like trash and rotted vegetation, they pick up bacteria and can deposit it on your counters and other surfaces as well as on your food.

If you can keep fruit flies away from your property, they are less likely to become a problem in your home. Fruit flies need water for their larvae to develop so getting rid of any standing water around your property can help. Also, if you have a garden, be sure to remove any ripe or rotting vegetation and till the soil over as soon as your garden stops producing. Rake up any leaves and yard debris to keep the area around your home dry.

There are some things you can do as a Lake Worth homeowner to reduce the risk of getting fruit flies indoors. Be sure to clean up any spills, close containers of sticky foods, empty your trash frequently, and clean dirty dishes regularly. Keep an eye on your fruit bowls and at the first sign of fruit getting overripe, eat it, move it to the refrigerator, or if it’s beyond ripe toss it outside. Same goes for veggies that you leave on the counter or bags of potatoes that might be in a dark pantry that might have become soft or rotten.  

There are lots of home remedies for catching fruit flies. Most of these involve using something like vinegar or fruit juice in a bowl or cup with a paper towel or cone-shaped coffee filter over the top to trap them inside. While this will attract fruit flies, it can exacerbate the problem as you are providing them the exact food they are looking for.  

At Nozzle Nolen we understand all pests common to Lake Worth and the surrounding areas. We can assess your home and property and help you to come up with a solution or treatment plan that will get rid of fruit flies and other annoying household pests. We stand behind our service and will come back free of charge if your bugs come back!


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