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Keeping Clear of Bed Bugs While on Vacation

April 13, 2017

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Summer is just around the corner and with the travel season creeping closer, bed bugs might be better prepared to travel than you are. A large portion of people actually brings bed bugs back from vacations while staying at a hotel that has an infestation. Recently it has been discovered that it takes a longer exposure time to pesticides to rid infestation and no one wants to worry about bed bugs on vacation. With this in mind, here are a few simple precautions you can use to keep yourself clear of bringing any unwanted pests home with you.

 Where You Stay

Travel destinations and popular tourist attractions are often traveled to for summer vacation, but not all cities have the same amount of bed bugs. In 2016, Baltimore, Washington DC, Chicago, New York, and Los Angeles were the top five cities with the highest reported rate of infestation. With Baltimore having the highest increase of occurrence. If you're prone to having bad reactions to bed bug bites, you may want to try going to Las Vegas, Hawaii, Miami, Orlando or Portland. Those cities had the lowest occurrence of bed bug cases.

Some hotel chains have higher reported cases of bed bugs than others. While a list of hotels that have no bed bugs is hard to make and debatable, a list of reported cases is available. Reported cases at major chain hotels have Holiday Inn on top with 732 reported location with bed bugs in 2016, and Days Inn came in right behind them with 560. This doesn't mean if you stay at these hotels you will get bit and/or bring bed bugs home, but other large chains did have lower reported cases. But not all on the list are premium resorts. Marriott had 395 reported cases last year, Hilton has 338, and Motel 6 had 314. If you see a better price for one of these hotels or destinations it may be a better option for those who are sensitive to bug bites.

While You're Traveling

There are several small things we do without even thinking twice about that allow bed bugs to come home from vacation with you. One easy but uncomfortable one for some is to not travel with your own pillow. Bed bugs get into the smallest spaces in sheets and bedding and a few stowaway bed bugs could take a toll on your bed and skin. Another is to not put your suitcase on a hotel bed. It may be a habit to put your bag on the bed and unpack after checking in, but it's also a perfect opportunity for bed bugs to check out your bag and lay eggs.

Returning Home

If a few bugs or eggs did hitchhike it's not hard to prevent them from making them comfortable in your home. The first thing you should do is look in the seams in your luggage for any small dark amber pests. Another is to, again, not put your suitcase on the bed until you vacuum it. You should also vacuum suitcases well before storing them. It may be a habit to unpack in your bedroom, but the laundry room may be a better option after staying in a hotel. Especially if it means skipping the hassle and high cost of eliminating an infestation.

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