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Keep Your Trees, Shrubs, And Palms Healthy And Beautiful This Summer

May 5, 2014

Prime backyard season is upon us, and summer is the best season to turn unhealthy ornamentals into strong, healthy, beautiful landscape decorations. We plant ornamental trees and shrubs for a variety of reasons, not the least of which is the visual enjoyment of our property. However, the wrong plant in the wrong place or improper care can leave us less than satisfied. Here is a list of points to consider when caring for your trees and shrubs.

Sunlight: Plants will generally have a preference of full spectrum sun, partial sun, or shade. Sometimes a hedge may have a marked difference in the strength and fullness of its foliage from one end to another. The cause of this is often the amount of sunlight it receives in various places along the shrub. When you purchase and plant a new plant, do some research on its sunlight preferences before planting.

Temperature Extremes: The sudden drop in temperature or several days of high temperatures can cause a plant to go into shock. Plants can generally overcome this shock, but they need some time to recuperate. Make sure its watering and nutritional needs are being met in order to facilitate recovery.

Water: Too little or too much water can create many problems. Water is necessary for all plants to conduct their internal processes; so too little water will not allow it to gather the proper nutrition it needs. It also will affect a plant’s ability to cool itself during times of extreme weather. On the flip side, too much water makes the soil waterlogged and will not allow the plant to breathe and can also create issues with fungus as well as root rot.

Fertilizer: Plants need to be fed properly in order to reach their full potential and to fight environmental stresses. But being over-fed can lead to an increase in insect activity and make it overly succulent heading into winter months. You don’t want a lot of new growth before a cold snap and you also don’t want to over- fertilize for environmental reasons.

Injury: Just like the human body, plants need extra energy when healing from mechanical or physical injury. Injuring an already stressed plant will not only prolong its unsightliness, but it could also eventually lead to the death of the plant. Some ways that plants are injured are from over-pruning or pruning too close to a cold snap, golf carts running over the root system, and improper use of a weed eater.

Weeds: An overgrowth of weeds will steal nutrients from our desired plants as well as attract and harbor potentially damaging insects.

Palm Trees: Our Florida weather is well suited for many different types of palms, however, palms often have their own special problems. There are mites and insects; fungal, bacterial, and viral diseases; and nematodes. Once you have properly placed and established a palm, a special Nozzle Nolen Palm Program provides the essential nutrition that is not obtained from lawn fertilizers. We also include a systemic insecticide and fungicide that travels the height of the palm and aids in combating several of the stressors that affect its vigor and lifespan. The best thing you can do to avoid ailing and unsightly palms is to avoid palms that have a high incidence of problems, planting palms that thrive in our climate and soils, and never plant a palm where one has previously died.

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